Finding Change in a Time of Hate

Since March 26, Albion College has been plagued with racist and anti-Semitic incidents on campus, and students have come together in the wake. The individual responsible for one of the incidents, that in Mitchell Towers, has recently been identified as a 21-year old Black male and has since been removed from campus (Photo by Savannah Waddick).

Since March 26, racist incidents on campus have been a low point for the Albion College community. Though a student was identified as the perpetrator of one incident, other incidents

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occurred as well. It’s times like these when students, staff and faculty look toward the future and look toward change. Albion students provide advice on how to be part of the change.


  1. The overwhelming majority of these incidents turn out to be hoaxes perpetrated by the “victim”. If racism was so prevalent in America, and on college campus, then why do they feel the need to create these hoaxes. There is a website that documents these false racial incidents. Look it up!

  2. If there is a website that documents this, then please post it. Saying for someone else to “look it up” or “do your homework” is tantamount to saying that the source you are using is not reputable and won’t face scrutiny, while still expecting that your statement will be accepted at face value.

  3. I’d like to know why this anti-Semitism is being tolerated, and why Albion College hasn’t filed charges and expelled someone for this anti-Semitic behavior like they promised. And, why hasn’t anyone on the Pleiad, or any student organization, demanded harsh punishment for the perpetrator? Also, why have there been no quotes or editorials from the Albion College Hillel?

  4. Bill, that is a “database’ put together by Laird Wilcox, who does not do any statistical analysis of hoax versus confirmed cases. Rather it is a collection of articles of varying levels of quality. When I ask for a source I mean a neutral source like the Department of Justice. Many of the sources in the webpage you quoted are articles taken from dubious informational websites like and There are some that are in reputable journals, but it is not cross-referencing against substantiated claims. If I compile such a database of sightings of Sasquatch, I am sure I can get volumes of so called reports, but it doesn’t really stand up to scrutiny. The FBI states that around 7,000 hate crimes are reported a year. Your database has 415 (though oddly starts numbering at 52, so maybe it is only 363), began in 2012, and refers to articles as far back as 1980. 40 years of reporting times 7,000 is approximately 280,000 crimes, and he has been able to document approximately 400 hoaxes. That would account for .14 percent of reports. And again, it is hard to give credence to a post on Those are hardly damning numbers. I would not say that if I had a .15% chance of winning the lottery that I had “overwhelming” odds.

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