Upperclassmen Offer Advice to First-Years

Albion College students walk across campus. First years, who have walked across campus far fewer times than their upperclassmen counterparts, often find themselves with many questions about what the future of their college careers will hold. Upperclassmen, reflecting on their own experiences offer them advice (Photo by Savannah Waddick).

Being new on Albion’s campus and being far away from home can be daunting. First years haven’t quite figured it all out: how to handle the stress, stay involved and maintain good academic status. The Pleiad asks upperclassmen to give a piece of advice for the new members on campus.

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HI! My name is Savannah Waddick, I’m a current freshman here at Albion. I’m in the Wilson Institute for Vet Medicine. I am also a photographer for the Albionian. I hope to major in biology and minor in marketing! In my free time I enjoy running, photography and hanging with friends.

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