The Women who Lead Albion College’s Campus

Lucretia Woods, a sophomore from Chicago, is the president of Alpha Kappa Alpha. On campus, Woods said that Marcella Cervantes is the woman who inspires her the most (Photo by Savannah Waddick).

After being petitioned by the National Women’s History Project, March was designated as Women’s History Month in 1987.

In honor of March being Women’s History Month, The Albion Pleiad highlights just a few of the many women leaders on Albion College’s Campus.

Alex Mileski

Alex Mileski, a junior from Lapeer, was elected Panhel Council president in the fall of 2020. 

“I wanted to become Panhellenic president because of the two amazing leaders I saw come before me,” said Mileski, via email. “I saw the opportunity to make a bigger impact on my community, and that’s exactly what I want to do.”

One of Mileski’s goals as president is to create deeper bonds and connections throughout the different Greek life chapters on campus. 

“I hope others can learn to positively impact Greek life,” said Mileski. “I hope they can learn that we are all one big happy family, no matter the chapter letters they wear. I hope others learn that anyone can step up and be a leader even without a position.”

One of the things Mileski has already started to create is Panhellenic families. In a Panhellenic family, girls from each chapter get together to get to know each other better. Mileski said that she has gained interest from a lot of people, which makes her “Panhellenic heart so happy.”

“My favorite part is definitely bringing the women in every chapter closer together,” said Mileski. “That is my big goal for my presidency is Panhellenic sisterhood. I am starting Panhellenic families, which are an easy way to bring all of the chapters together and make friends super easy. I love seeing other women love each other and each and every chapter. My favorite part is seeing women gain everything they can from the Panhellenic sisterhood.”

Lily Goldberg

Lily Goldberg, a senior from Allegan, is president of the Asian Awareness Group. On campus, Goldberg said that Suellyn Henke inspires her the most (Photo by Savannah Waddick).

Lily Goldberg, a senior from Allegan, was elected president of the Asian Awareness Group in the spring of 2020.

“The desire to want to spread Asian culture on campus drove me to run for the presidency,” said Golberg. “Just wanting to spread awareness, and I thought it would be fun.”

Through her desire to spread awareness, Goldberg has learned many leadership skills. 

“Being vice president and then being president is totally different,” said Goldberg. 

Taking on the presidency from vice president added more responsibility onto Goldberg’s plate, but she is using her opportunity as president to teach others about different Asian cultures in the middle of the pandemic. 

“I hope others can gain more knowledge on experiences from the people around them, especially Asian American’s experiences with COVID-19 and everything,” said Goldberg. 

Goldberg uses her events, such as Lunar New Year, Diwali and Holi, as her platform to spread awareness.

“I really like seeing how the events play out and I like seeing people attend our events,” said Goldberg.

Grace Hoffman, a junior from Flint, is serving her second term as president of Hillel. On campus, Hoffman said that Karla McCavit inspires her the most (Photo by Savannah Waddick).

Grace Hoffman

Grace Hoffman, a junior from Flint, was elected president of Hillel in the fall of 2019 and is now serving her second term.

“I just wanted to help out and keep building the organization because the previous presidents were helping build it already,” said Hoffman.

Hoffman said that the role of Hillel president has offered her different opportunities on campus.

“[It has given me] the ability to take my ideas and help facilitate them into a reality,” said Hoffman.

Bringing her ideas to life has taught her many lessons that will continue to be valuable after graduation.

“I’ve gained a lot of leadership knowledge, like how to be an effective leader, how to deal with problems, what kind of problems could come up, to manage friendships versus working with friends in a professional environment,” said Hoffman.

Lecretia Woods

Lecretia Woods, a senior from Chicago, was elected the president of the Sigma Zeta chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha in the fall of 2020. 

“Since this is my last semester here at Albion, and we are just now getting back on campus, getting the chapter back and getting it stable,” said Woods, “I wanted to be president just so I can make sure, before I left, that the chapter was in the best position possible.” 

Alpha Kappa Alpha became active again in the spring of 2020 joining the formal recruitment process after not having an active member since June of 2018.

“My goal is before I graduate to ensure that the chapter doesn’t go inactive again and or disappear from campus,” said Woods. 

The process of getting Alpha Kappa Alpha back into active status wasn’t easy. Woods said that she hopes others can learn from her that if they want something, hard work and perseverance are two things that are necessary to make it happen. 

“Something that I hope the women in my chapter and new members can learn from me is perseverance,” said Woods. “Coming into this chapter and having to get it back on its feet and get it stable- it wasn’t easy. So, if you really want something, I would say you would need that determination and persistence to keep going at it. So, I would hope that they would see this and see that we have it back and we have it stable, showing that you never give up on something that you really want.”

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