The Brit: Season Two, Episode Three: COVID-19 Accountability

Since fall 2020, The Brit has been showcasing student voices and views to the Albion College community (Image by Morgan Derose and Caitlyn-Rae Arendse).

The Brit is a podcast that Morgan DeRose, a junior from Whitehall, and Caitlyn-Rae Arendse, a junior from Dublin, Ohio, spent this past summer working to create. Episodes of The Brit air every other Monday.

Season Two, Episode Three: COVID-19 Accountability

In the third episode of Season Two of The Brit, hosts Arendse and DeRose speak to Kurt Jolly, a senior from Chelsea, about his experiences on the Albion College COVID-19 Student Accountability Team. 

During the interview, Jolly tells Arendse and DeRose about what the COVID accountability team is and what some of the goals for the group are. He also talks about a new COVID-19 initiative system that is set to begin at the beginning of module D. Additionally, Jolly shares some of the biggest challenges faced by the group during the 2020 – 2021 academic year. He also speaks to some of the group’s greatest accomplishments. 

Goals of this episode

While speaking with Jolly, Arendse and DeRose aim to learn more about how Albion College has been impacted by the COVID-19 Student Accountability Team. Arendse and DeRose also aim to shed some light on what changes may be in store on campus for the coming spring.

Click here to listen to The Brit, Season Two, Episode Three.

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Caitlyn-Rae Arendse attends Albion College and currently stands as a junior. She is in pursuit of a Bachelor's Degree in Economics and Management with an emphasis in International Business and Economics.

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