The Brit, Season 2 Episode 2: Let’s Talk Sports

Since fall 2020, The Brit has been showcasing student voices and views to the Albion College community (Image by Morgan Derose and Caitlyn-Rae Arendse).

The Brit is a podcast that Morgan DeRose, a junior from Whitehall, and Caitlyn-Rae Arendse, a junior from Dublin, Ohio, spent this past summer working to create. Episodes of The Brit air every other Monday.

Season Two, Episode Two: Let’s Talk Sports

In the second episode of Season Two of The Brit, hosts Arendse and Derose begin by speaking with Albion College football players, Cristian Miller, a junior from Battle Creek, and Liam Miller, a junior from Trenton, about lessons learned from the past year that they will carry into the upcoming spring football season. 

Cristian Miller and Liam Miller both talk from their hearts about how excited they are for Spring 2021 after their fall season was postponed due to COVID-19. Arendse and Derose also speak with football coach Dustin Beurer about the hard work and energy the football team is bringing into the spring 2021 season.

DeRose and Arendse go on to speak with Ashley Ketchum, a junior from Zeeland, and Samantha Swingewood, a junior from Carmel, Ind., about their upcoming swim season and competition at the MIAA tournament.

Goals of this episode

While speaking with football players Cristian Miller and Liam Miller, Arendse and Derose aim to learn more about how the Albion College football team prepared for the upcoming season. 

During the talk with Ketchum and Swingewood the swimmers explain the difficulties surrounding the swim and dive team during COVID-19 and their renewed appreciation for swimming.

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Morgan DeRose is a senior from Whitehall, Michigan. While studying at Albion College, Morgan is pursuing a Communication major, Psychology major, and a concentration in the Ford Institute for Leadership in Public Policy and Service. Morgan also plays on the Albion College Women’s tennis team and is an FYE mentor. In her free time, she enjoys hiking and going to the beach.

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