Plebian: College Mourns Igham Bat

A bat, residing in Ingham hall for quite some time, was recently killed during its removal process. The college now mourns the loss (Photo via Wikimedia Commons).

(Part of The Plebian: April Fool’s Edition)

A month ago an Albion College residence hall was rocked when the presence of a bat was made known. When members of the residence called maintenance, the expectation was that the bat would be removed alive. This journalist is sad to report, however, that there was an unexpected loss of life during the bat extraction process. 

A fellow Pleiad staffer, opinions editor Samantha Semerau, a junior from Oakland Twp., was the individual who made the call with concerns regarding the bat’s presence. While she expected the bat to be removed from Ingham hall, she did not expect the bat to be removed from this earth.

“It was a lot,” said Semerau.

Semerau recalls being an odd mix of traumatized and glad when the bat pronounced dead. Semerau now says, however, that she is not actually glad it was killed in the process. Semerau and her roommate may have a ways to go before they wish to see another bat though. 

The killing of the Ingham Hall bat has started a movement on campus, one students refer to as #LetBatsLive2021. The group was founded upon the principles that bats eat a lot of bugs (up to 600 mosquitoes in an hour when they’re super hungry) and that they are cute.

“Bats are just misunderstood and should be adored,” said Brit Briton, a super senior from Albion.

The bat was reached out to for commentary but for obvious reasons could not report on the incident.

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