Albion Students Opt for Credit/No Credit Option for Classes

Albion freshmen study in the first floor common area of Wesley Hall. Keeping up with the college workload may seem more challenging amidst a pandemic (Photo illustration by Jeanie Gould-McElhone).

In order to help reduce the stress of COVID-19, starting in the fall of 2020, , Albion College offered students an alternative to letter grades: The credit/no credit option (CR/NCR. CR/NCR  will continue to be offered this semester as well. 

CR/NCR, what some may refer to as pass/fail, is an option granted to students who receive a 2.0 or better in a course. It is designed to not have an impact on a students overall GPA, and in that way, alleviates the ever-present stress on students that is now heightened because of the pandemic and the current political climate.

Psychology professor Andrew Christopher  offered some insight on the psychology behind the college’s decision to implement the CR/NCR option. . 

“It feels easier. So, it feels like less stress because all you have to do is pass. So ,if you pass with a 2.0 or 4.0, it doesn’t matter,” said Christopher. “The problem is that if you don’t get a 2.0 and you get a 1.7, you don’t get credit. That’s a problem because if you get a 1.7 and were taking it for a grade, you would actually get credit, but now you don’t.” 

Before opting for CR/NCR, students should be aware of the pros and cons that come with signing up. Christopher recommended that students should talk to their advisors and professors.

If students are interested in CR/NCR, they can fill out an application on the Albion College website.

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