The Road to Albion: Students Share their Journeys

An Albion College landmark sits on Erie and Hannah street (Photo by Ryan Lemanski).

Albion students have more free time than ever. Many students can be found contemplating their life and how they have come this far. It’s the differences on our road to Albion that makes Albion such a unique and diverse campus. 

Lauren Farley, a first-year from Dallas.

Lauren Farley’s, a first-year from Dallas, road to Albion involved the thousand mile journey from Texas, to the state of Michigan. 

Last year, Farley was sitting in a media room with her classmates and counselors using a generic search platform to match her interest in languages and arts to the best college choice. Once she had completed her profile, the list of schools matching her interests generated and appeared on the screen, alphabetically

“Albion was, like, the third one on the list, and I realized I recognized that name, because my aunt is a professor here,” said Farley. 

Farley scheduled her visit to Albion and said she fell in love with the brick buildings that line the quad. She said she felt a connection to the small community and the many social activities offered by the school. Farley said that during that first visit,  she knew Albion was the right place to begin the next step in her academic career. 

Luke Rivard, a first-year from Bark River.

Luke Rivard, a first-year from Bark River, followed the footsteps of his music mentor to study at Albion College. 

Rivard grew up in the Upper Peninsula and knew about the burly winters and sunny summertimes of Northern Michigan, but he didn’t always know about Albion College, the school that would become his home for the next part of his educational experience. 

Rivard’s high school music teacher, someone he respected and trusted, had followed the road to Albion before, and she wanted to bring Rivard along.  The first time Rivard stepped foot on Albion’s campus, it was alongside his music teacher. 

“She brought me down for my audition day, I toured, and I really loved it,” said Rivard. Feeling a real sense of connection to the Albion staff and music department, Luke quickly knew he was ready to study his passion for music in a place that would respect and foster his talent.

Bianca Chavez, a sophomore from Dallas.

Bianca Chavez, a sophomore from Dallas, had the help of her high school guidance counselor to choose the road she would take to college. She said she wanted to see a new part of the country and experience life outside the humid, subtropical climate of Dallas. Chavez was looking for a place to be a part of a small community where she would find professors who were accessible and really cared. 

“My counselor told me that Albion gave really good financial aid, and I also knew a few people who were coming here”, said Chavez. 

Chavez applied to Albion College and submitted all of her financial aid forms. When the admission letter arrived with all the right financial aid numbers, Chavez said that she immediately knew that Albion College was where she saw herself next. 

Tanya Jagdish, a junior from India, didn’t just travel across the country to get to Albion College. Jagdish traveled across the world.

Tanya Jadgish, a junior from India.

Jagdish said that she had many visions of herself living and studying in the United States throughout her childhood. Her family created a strong academic tradition in their home in India, with two parents who possess post-graduate degrees in science and medicine. 

Jagdish was inspired to follow the example set by her family legacy and become a first generation international student in America. Jagdish also knew she needed to go down a road that would lead her to a college community big enough to support her multiple interests in math and science but small enough to offer connectedness and personalization. 

“I wanted a small college where I would get to work with professors,” said Jagdish. ”A few admissions counselors in my home city knew that Albion fit that description perfectly.”

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Shannon Barba is a sophomore from Marshall, Michigan, currently double majoring in physics and computer science. After Albion, he hopes to attend graduate school at MIT. In addition to being Co-Marketing Coordinator for the Pleiad, Barba is the Engagements Chair of Student Senate, participant in the Prentiss M. Brown Honors program, member of the Student Volunteer Bureau, mentor for first-year students, pianist for Albion's Jazz Band, representative for the Committee of Student Learning, mentor for Harrington Elementary School, and a member of the Biochemistry Club.

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