Student Senate Addresses Concerns About Student Experience

With many changes that have occurred this semester, Albion’s Student Senate offers anonymous concerns to be submitted to them through a form online. The executive board together from left to right; seated on floor, Peach Norman Owen, a senior from Cincinnati, Ren the service dog, and Emily Eggenberger, a senior from Alma, on the couches, Austin Raymond, a junior from Gladwin, Zahra Ahmed, a junior from Rochester Hills, Skylyr Zink, a junior from Manchester, and Olivia Palasek, a sophomore from northern Kentucky (Photo illustration by Ryan Lemanski).

In order to get feedback regarding the many changes the college has made over the past semester, Albion College Student Senate recently put out a form that students can fill out and discuss issues or concerns they have with the college. 

“The survey was basically a way for us to reach all students in a more acceptable way, so that they can let us know their concerns anonymously if they want to,” said Student Senate President Zahra Ahmed, a junior from Rochester Hills. 

As circumstances change, the relationship between students and the administration does too. This relationship is important, as it determines an integral part of the college experience. 

Student Senate  aims to do as much as possible to improve the student experience, and they consider the connection between the senate and the student body to be very important.  

“We got a lot of responses and very thorough responses,” said Ahmed. “People really wrote out paragraphs in well thought out responses, and so that just showed us a level of trust that the student body has in the Senate right now, and we want to keep building off of that.” 

The concerns do not go unheard either. 

“Every semester, we meet with the board of trustees,” said Ahmed. “We also meet with Dr. Johnson every couple of weeks, and we brought up a lot of those concerns to him. Then, we meet with student development. They listen into our meeting, and they saw all the responses that came in at that point.” 

Some of the issues involve many different areas and require collaboration. The purpose of collaboration is to create the best student experience possible and student senate actively represents the student body and communicates what it wants to the administration. 

“We took the responses and we’re meeting with certain people,” said Ahmed.  “There was a lot about dining, so we’re meeting with Brian this week, and he’s going to come to our meeting. And some [responses were also] about counseling, so we’re also meeting with them.” 

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