Student Prepare for Longer Winter Break

Break is looking different this year. Albion College students won’t return to campus until January (Photo by Jeanie Gould McElhone).

The end of the semester is approaching quickly, but this year, things are going to look a little bit different. 

 For better or for worse, COVID-19 has affected everything in the world. An extended winter break in 2020, for example, could be considered something better than the normal three weeks, or so, given in most years, even with the challenges that come with being away from school and friends for so long.  

However students spend this upcoming break, it is a good time to relax, spend time with family and friends while preparing for the upcoming spring semester at the end of January.  

For Sabrina Fitzgerald, a first-year from Detroit, Michigan, and Jasmine Espinoza, a first-year from Los Angeles, California, their expectations for the extended break are about as vast as distances they will be traveling.  

Fitzgerald lived in Wesley this past semester. Like many in their year, Fitzgerald has gotten used to the Albion routine and would like to keep school work on campus to fully enjoy her time on break.  

“I don’t really like the extended break.” Fitzgerald said. “I would’ve preferred to stay on campus to finish up classes in person instead of online.”

Espinoza, however, has a totally different view.  She will be flying home for the holidays just before Thanksgiving.

“It will feel great because I’ll be able to rest and spend time with family considering I’m from a different state,” Espinoza said. “It’ll be nice to see them again for a longer period of time.” 

In a typical, non-COVID-19 year, students would remain on campus through mid-December for final exams, returning to campus in early to mid-January. 

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