COVID-19 Friendly Things to do Over Break

Reading is a good way to allow your mind to escape reality, especially in times like this (Photo by Alyiah Harris).

After being pushed to move home early, students might now find themselves in an environment where boredom is more likely to strike. In addition to colleges, many stores, public outings and businesses were shut down due to an increase in COVID-19 cases in Michigan and across the nation. Despite an apparent lack of things to do, there are still ways to find entertainment while being home. 


Focus on Hobbies and Goals


Everyday life can be very busy, and people can find themselves pulled in different directions to get things done. Everyone fills different roles in their lives that require their time, attention and resources. COVID-19, however, has changed this for many people who now find themselves with more time than usual on their hands.

The pandemic caused many things to stop and slow down, making now a good time to focus on things that you personally enjoy. For example, there may be daily habits that you want to focus on building, including reading books, bettering your cooking skills and more. The pandemic can help lessen distractions to help you put more energy into hobbies that you didn’t have time for prior to the pandemic.


Practice Mindfulness


Having fewer things to do can be relaxing, even if boredom happens as a result. According to HelpGuide, practicing mindfulness can help a person’s physical and mental well-being, and doing so can help deal with painful thoughts and emotions.


Watch Something You Like


Catching up on the shows you like is another way to pass the time. Grab your favorite snacks and watch whatever you’re in the mood to see.




Write about your thoughts and feelings down about living in a world during COVID-19. Writing not only a productive use of time, but it is a good way to regulate your emotions and take your mind off things. 


Take a Walk


Being cooped up in the house can be stressful, but taking a walk and getting fresh air can release some anxiety about being in the house.


Virtual Volunteering 


There are still many ways to make an impact in your community through volunteering, even if it is virtual. You can help those in need or find virtual gigs to fill your time. Some of those opportunities are listed here.


Find a Remote Job for Break


A lot of jobs are looking for workers, especially during the pandemic. Google “remote jobs” in your area and search through indeed to find virtual jobs that can be done at home.

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