Albion Sees Rise in Vandalism on Campus

Caleb Kropp, a senior from Vicksburg, stands outside President Johnson’s house,. The President’s house has been victim to multiple occurrences of vandalism this semester (Photo illustration by Ryan Lemanski).

At any college or university, there are always unfortunate occurrences on campuses attributed to the more reckless behavior of college students. This past module, Albion College has seen multiple occurrences of this sort of behavior, proven by more than just one instance of vandalism.  

The college has experienced many changes since the onset of COVID-19. Aside from pandemic related changes, Albion College saw the addition of Dr. Mathew Johnson as the new president. Johnson has sent out multiple emails regarding issues in our community and country, some of which are more or less controversial among the student body. 

One of these instances of students’ developing notorious, reckless behavior on campus, potentially linked to Johnson’s statements, was vandalism of Johnson’s personal property.

There’s been a couple of occurrences of people throwing milk cartons, one occurrence of eggs being thrown at the house. 

“There’s been an occurrence of food thrown at my car,” said Johnson. “The throwing things at the house is not as big of deal to me, but when you enter the back of my yard and take the time to stick a [Trump] sticker on the side of my garage, or if you are throwing things at my car, which is parked in the driveway behind the house, that’s a little bit of an invasion of privacy. I understand people will say it’s not my house, but I still live there.” 

Johnson said he understands why some students would be upset about his statements. What he does not understand, however, is the retaliation and acts of anger that followed.

“I think people are upset about some of my public statements,” said Johnson. “I suppose I understand that. But I don’t understand why they would do what they did to trespass and clearly do an act that is threatening is beyond me.”  

The vandalism of Johnson’s house is not an isolated incident.

There have been multiple cases of food and other items thrown at sorority and fraternity houses. One sorority’s house letters were taken from the building. 

In Wesely hall, there was an incident where a toilet seat was almost completely burnt off. Prior to this, there were other reports of toilet paper being burned in the bathrooms. 

As Albion College students have been confined to their rooms and the few other places they are allowed to go, there are less activities allowed compared to a normal college semester. 

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