The Brit Episode One: Black Lives Matter

Since fall 2020, The Brit has been showcasing student voices and views to the Albion College community (Image by Morgan Derose and Caitlyn-Rae Arendse).

The Brit is a podcast that Morgan DeRose, a junior from Whitehall,, and Caitlyn-Rae Arendse, a junior from Columbus, Ohio, spent this past summer working to create. Episodes of The Brit will air every Monday.

Episode 1, Black Lives Matter

In this episode, hosts of The Brit, Arendse and Derose, sit down with Lexi Taylor, a junior from Toledo, Ohio, Clare Kelley, a senior from Plymouth, Mich., and Khaiylah Johnson-Bustamante, a junior from New York, New York, to talk about their incredible summers and how they dedicated themselves to learning and advocating for the Black Lives Matter movement. We discuss opportunities and events they attended, what they saw and how they felt as they participated in historical efforts to support Black Lives all over the world.

Goals of The Episode

This episode aims to educate listeners on why conversations on race matter as well as discuss the ways in which we can do more as a society in order to understand what is currently happening in the world with regard to race and discrimination. Using Taylor, Kelley and Johnson-Bustamante’s activism as a launching-pad, we also seek to share ways to get involved with the cause.

Click here to listen to Episode One: Black Lives Matter.

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Caitlyn-Rae Arendse attends Albion College and currently stands as a junior. She is in pursuit of a Bachelor's Degree in Economics and Management with an emphasis in International Business and Economics.

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  1. Hi – I really like this different format. I’m going to offer some feedback … the music track is too loud when speakers are speaking. I like it for the intro, but once the interview starts, I think it is still valuable but needs to be almost a whisper, so it’s not competing with the spoken word.

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