Beyond the Spotlight: Hannah Almhiemid

The Pleiad’s “Beyond the Spotlight” article series features various Albion College student-athletes and what it means to be apart of Briton athletics.

Over half of the Albion College student body participates in one of 23 varsity sports teams on campus. The college emphasizes competing at a high level in the NCAA Division III while also excelling each day in the classroom. 

The vast number of student-athletes on campus have a multitude of backgrounds, including many unique players that often go unnoticed. Due to COVID-19, recent decisions regarding athletics on the collegiate, conference, and national levels have changed the face of sports this fall at Albion College. 

In light of that and to truly appreciate all of the student-athletes who make up Albion athletics, The Pleiad’s “Beyond the Spotlight” series features a different athlete and the impact they have had on campus.

This Week

Hannah Almhiemid, a senior this year from Chelsea,  is a part of the Albion College track and field team.  Almhiemid is majoring in finance to become a financial advisor. Throughout high school, she was contemplating on which college she should attend but ultimately chose Albion because of the small environment and the opportunity to continue her athletic career. 

“I went to a small high school, so I like the class sizes here at Albion,” said Almhiemid. “When I came on my visit, I knew this is where I wanted to attend. I met with Coach Lance [Coleman] the same day, and I was happy because I am getting the chance to be a part of the team.” 

Almhiemid began her track and field career in  middle school. In high school, she also competed in diving until her senior year.  In track at Albion, Almhiemid participates in indoor and outdoor events. Indoor, she runs the 60-meter hurdles and also does the high jump. Outdoor, she also does high jump in addition to running the 400-meter dash, 100-meter dash and 60-meter hurdles.

“I go into practice with a good attitude, and I try to focus and bring positive energy,” said Almhiemid. “I add sportsmanship to the team, and even though track and field is an individual sport, the team is always supporting you, even though they don’t do the same thing. The team has gotten closer every year, but the dynamic of the team is strong and positive.” 

The track and field team will be having an inner squad meet on Oct. 25. This will give the athletes a chance to see each other as a whole team, and it will allow them to see how they perform competing against each other.  

“Last year, I pulled my hamstring around winter break, and I had to miss the track meet,” said Almhiemid. “My left hamstring was pulled during hurdles practice because of the way I was extending.” 

Almhiemid’s indoor season was cut short last year due to her injury and cold that she had, and outdoor season was cut short due to COVID-19. 

“I did not perform my best, but I am looking forward to seeing how this season turns out,” said Almhiemid . “I was upset that COVID-19 is affecting my season because I wanted to do better. I feel like this year, I’m not getting my full season, but I am trying to stay positive.” 

Throughout her athletic career here at Albion, Almhiemid has seen success. She has reached the finals in hurdle events and continued on to achieve all-MIAA status. In addition, she set the fourth-fastest time in school history in the 60-meter hurdles.

Almhiemid hopes to compete in her favorite event again this season, but COVID-19 has created changes for the team, which might impact competition. The practices are run differently this year for athletic teams to ensure the safety of all athletes.

“It’s been harder to meet new people, and I think that’s strange because we usually meet on the first day,” said Almhiemid. “With the pods, it is easier to have individual time with the coach. However, our pods prevent us from training with everyone.” 

The team loves competition, and they are keeping their spirits up by looking forward to what is going to happen. 

“We never know what is going to happen,” said Almhiemid. “This is why we need to have the same attitude as we would in the regular season. The team and I are going to keep working as hard as we can.” 

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