Albion Students Turn to Technology

D’Mitrius Robinson, a sophomore from Albion, uses his laptop to read articles that are assigned for his class. This is one of the many ways that students use their online resources (Photo illustration by Akaiia Ridley).

Since classes have been in session, many professors have made the decision to go fully virtual or use  a hybrid format. Because of this, technology plays an important part in how students are learning and communicating with their instructors and others on campus. Additionally, some professors’ office hours have moved to a virtual platform. Many organizations’ have done the same with their meetings.

Between all of this, the presence of technology on campus has significantly increased. Students attend classes and meetings from their dorm rooms or other common areas on campus where they can rely on good wifi connection and quiet spaces.

The most common form of technology that is being used is the laptop, which may be surprising given the fact that cell phones are practically attached to students’ hips.

“I use my laptop for everything like homework, meetings, or when I have to use other resources like the Writing Center,” said Adrian Barden, a freshman from Detroit. “It’s easier for me to use one thing for organization of school stuff so that my phone is more for personal use.” 

Experiences that come from laptop use differs between individuals depending on the type of laptops students are using. Google is a commonly used search engine, but many students decide to use other platforms that work better with their laptop models. 

“I use my laptop for class to do Google Meet because it’s easier for me,” said Rachael Pustelak, a junior from Shelby Township. “I use Google for the search engines, but my laptop allows me to use Microsoft for other stuff, like PowerPoints.” 

Even though laptops are the most commonly used resource for online learning, some students still have found value in their cell phones. 

“I use my laptop for turning in work through the Course Web and for Google Meet classes,”said Zachary Kapuga, a freshman from Jackson. “Sometimes, it is helpful for me to use my phone while I am on my laptop specifically to look up information during class so that I don’t have to log out of the camera.” 

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