Albion College to Add New Greek Life Organizations

Albion College fr(Photo courtesy of Reese Stuart).

With a presence at Albion College originating over 130 years ago, Greek life is a longstanding tradition on Albion’s campus. The Greek organizations have changed little in structure but have seen many developments in composition.   

Looking to the future, Albion hopes to bring new organizations on campus. One of these organizations is Hermandad de Sigma Iota Alpha, Incorporated. 

“Hermandad de Sigma Iota Alpha inc. is a Latina based, but not Latina exclusive, sorority. Located throughout the nation,” said Janice Cedeno, vice president of Expansion at SIA. “We seek to empower one another. We don’t seek to change someone but enhance them. Give them a voice where they feel they don’t have one, give them an opportunity to find out more about themselves and give them an opportunity and avenue to learn about sisterhood.” 

As SIA works to add a chapter  on Albion’s campus, there are some things taking place right now to aid in the expansion process. 

“They’re doing some open house events and recruiting events to garner interest, and we’re hoping that by 2021, we’ll have a class,” said Kristen Sarniak, the assistant director for Greek life and student organizations. 

In terms of other Greek organizations, Alpha Kappa Alpha  has been at Albion since 2001. This would not be a new sorority, but one that is trying to be revitalized.  

“They were the first historically Black sorority, founded at Howard University in 1908,” said Sarniak. “A couple years ago, all of their members graduated out. So for the last couple years we’ve been trying to help them do a membership intake process and get an active class. Not a new organization, but definitely working on getting them up and running on campus.”

As new organizations hope to come about on campus, current Greek life is potentially changing in the future too. The Greek Life Task Force activates this semester and is designed to cover a range of topics relating to Greek life.

“To move ahead together, President Johnson and I have appointed a Fraternity and Sorority Life Task Force to review many of the aspects of Fraternity and Sorority Life and the relationship between Greek organizations and the College” said Leroy Wright, in an email about the Task Force.  

“[Moving fraternities] is something we were planning on looking at with the Greek Life Task Force, but there hasn’t been a decision either way. We’re just looking to get student and alumni feedback before we make any decision about that,” said Sarniak. “The Task Force involvement will be a big deciding factor in what we decide about fraternity housing.”

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