Albion College Renovates Cutler Center

Albion College is currently renovating sections of the first and second floors of the Stockwell Library to house the Cutler Center, the college’s learning support center. The new Cutler Center is going to be housed to the left of the Stockwell entrance (Photo by Morgan DeRose).

Albion College prides itself in helping students reach their full academic potential. The college works to ensure student success by providing students with many learning support options. Most of the college’s academic help and student learning services are housed in the college’s Cutler Center.

The Cutler Center has been in existence for as long as most Albion College students, faculty and staff can remember. In October of 2019, the college announced its plans to move the center and its services to the Stockwell section of the library. 

The project is being funded by an 8 million dollar gift given to the college by Sally Stark Culter (‘75)and her husband, Sandy Cutler. In supporting the project’s construction, the couple hopes to aid in students’ academic success

First floor renovations and services

Disability services, academic coaching, first year peer mentoring, financial advising offices, leave-taking advising and Cutler’s 15-minute fix offices are being built on the perimeter of the first floor space. Student meeting and study areas are set to be located in the central area of the Cutler Center’s first floor. 

The first floor of the new Cutler Center is set to open in November. 

Second floor renovations and service

The second floor of the Cutler Center is going to house the college’s peer tutoring programs. Most specifically, this will include the writing center, math skills center and study tables. 

The second floor of the new Cutler Center is set to open in January. 

Other components of the new Cutler Center

The Cutler Center will be adding two new positions. One of these positions will be a financial aid advisor. The new financial advisor position will be to provide fellowship advising to those pursuing national postgraduate opportunities. 

The center is also going to hire a TRIO student support services program director, an all new position to the college. The TRIO director will work to support first-generation college students, low-income students and students with disabilities. 

Additional Information 

A website to update students, faculty, staff and other interested persons about the Cutler Center project is set to be live within the next week.

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