Skincare Tips and Tricks for “Mascne”

A consistent skincare routine is important during these uncertain times. Skincare can be used as a daily unwind or a daily pick-me-up (photo by Aura Ware).

Social distancing and masks define the world’s new normal. With regular mask-wearing comes what people are referring to as “mascne,” or breakouts affiliated with masks. The only way to avoid the infamous trend is to develop a solid skin routine. 

CeraVe Cleanser 

It’s important to have a good cleanser to remove the superficial dirt and germs from the day’s adventure. CeraVe is a popular skin cleanser that you can find in your local grocery store or pharmacy. It comes in a variety of versions from dry to oily skin. CeraVe is also dermatologist recommended. CeraVe not only removes oil and dirt, but it exfoliates, refreshes and doesn’t disrupt the barrier that protects the skin.

Irma Sierra, a junior from Chicago and avid CeraVe user, recommends the product to fight off mascne.

“My skin is a combination between dry and oily, but in Albion for some reason it can be more oily,” said Sierra.

Witch Hazel Toner

Toner is often the next step of your skin care routine after a daily cleanser. Toner removes extra dirt from the skin that the cleanser may have missed. In addition to the basis of the toner, the natural healing Witch Hazel plant and toner can also be used to balance the skin’s PH.. Witch Hazel toner can be found in many brands, including Thayers

“I swear by witch hazel,” said Abigail Hansen, a senior from Chicago. “It has done wonders for the skin.” 

Aztec Clay Healing Mask 

Clay is something that has been used to protect human skin for thousands of years. This Aztec Clay Healing mask has been shown to clear many breakouts because of its ultra healing ingredients, including healing clay, vitamin C, green tea, honey, white sand and more. These ingredients work together to heal skin damages, fight back against aging, absorb waste and harmful toxins out of the skin and improve blood circulation. The mask not only works wonders, but one purchase can last multiple years because a little goes a long way.

There are two ways to use the Aztec Clay Healing mask. The first is to mix a small amount of Aztec clay powder and water into a bowl until a lumpy consistency forms. The second is to mix a small amount of Aztec clay powder and apple cider vinegar into a bowl until a smooth consistency forms.

“I highly recommend the Aztec clay mask mixed with apple cider vinegar once or twice a week,” said Hansen. “It helps with acne, scaring, dark spots, brightening the skin and tightening the skin.” 

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