From Under the Tents: Students React to Outdoor Classes

Classes under the tents are a part of Albion’s new Together Safely protocol. Students are trying to learn as much as they can as safely as they can (Photo by Patrick Smoker).

A piece of Albion’s new normal is hosting classes under tents. These tents are located out in the quad and in other areas around campus. The tents were set up and assigned to certain professors in order to ensure students are able to still have in-person learning in a safe way.

Along with a new normal comes new opinions. As students adjust to classes underneath the tents, they have expressed mixed feelings on how this new system is going for the time being.

“At first, I didn’t think it’d be that bad. At least we’re getting some fresh air, you know?” said Shania Davis, a senior from Detroit, via Facebook.

Regarding classes in academic buildings, students on campus either went into class with no expectations or they had some ideas, relative to masks and social distancing, about the way classes would go. But there was no way of knowing exactly what would happen under the tents considering this is a new learning experience for everyone.

“With the weather changing, it’s colder and the bugs are getting mad disrespectful. It can also be a bit loud and distracting outside, and the masks already make everyone’s voices and stuff muffled,” said Davis. “But I still feel like the masks are necessary though, especially if six feet isn’t an option.”

Some students believe that classes are going well, but they have concerns about what will happen when the weather gets in the way later on this fall. 

“I think they’re going smooth for right now,” said Jason Bigpond, a junior, from Bristow, Okla., “I assumed that Albion would have a fireplace or close down the side panels to the tents because I have class at 9 a.m., and the breeze is just unbearable sometimes.”

The weather is a concern of students for the future. Michigan can be pretty brisk during the later fall months following into the winter. With this in mind, some students hope that the college moves the classes under the tents online for a safe and warmer option.

“I’m hoping my professor moves class to zoom once it gets colder than below 55 degrees,” said Bigpond.

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