College Prepares as Spring Semester Approaches

An Albion College landmark sits on Erie and Hannah street (Photo by Ryan Lemanski).

With the fall semester a quarter of the way through and registration approaching, some Albion College students may be wondering what the spring semester will look like. 

There are many aspects of life on campus that have changed since March. While not all of these changes are permanent, there are some things that will be the same next semester as they are now.

“We’re definitely sticking with the module system,” said Drew Dunham, associate dean of academic affairs and registrar. 

“It’s different, but it’s a way we can help students with structuring their workload. In a way that if we do have to move online we can pivot easily and we can make choices with that and we can pivot in both directions, so if we have to be off to start with we can come back on.”

The uncertainty with these times leaves plenty of factors subject to change. However, administration has optimism that as time goes on, policies on campus relative to COVID-19 will change.

“My hope is that it doesn’t look the same,” said Albion College President Dr. Mathew Johnson. “We are trying to learn as we go. We already started to change a few things.” 

The arrival of a COVID-19 vaccine has the potential to change a variety of things on campus. 

“If vaccines were available and distributed before we came back and we were confident that we could get everyone access, either at home or here, we would go back to normal for sure,” said Johnson. 

The presence of the virus on campus is a factor in determining current and future policies. There are actions with public and school health guidelines that can help lessen the restrictions as time goes on. 

“An email that went out last week which shows a new dashboard which is related to compliance,” said Johnson.

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