Albion College Republicans former President promoted to MFCR

Christopher Kerber, who recently became Co-Chair of the Michigan Federation of College Republicans (MFCR), says he is excited for a life-changing election season (Photo courtesy of Christopher Kerber).

The past few years have seen a spike in the push for young college students’ to vote and be proactive in their political beliefs, especially during this election season. Incredibly involved and dedicated politic-savvy students exist on Albion College’s campus, and to see them, we look no further than Christopher Kerber, a sophomore from South Haven. Kerber just recently resigned from his presidency of Albion College Republicans to take on a new role: Co-Chair of the Michigan Federation of College Republicans (MFCR). 

Kerber decided to step down from his position in the Albion Chapter of College Republicans due to his fear of carrying any bias for either organization. 

“While it is not required that chapter presidents step down after moving to a statewide position, I did not want to have a bias when making decisions that affect the entire state. I have full confidence in Albion College Republican’s new president, Cam Hall, to continue my work here at Albion,” said Kerber. 

Kerber will continue to lead on the chapter’s executive board as the vice president. In addition to celebrating his new position, Kerber said that he feels poised and ready to handle all the weight this coming election will carry. He underlined the importance of unification of the Republican Party.

Part of President Donald Trump’s vision is to unite and push conservative candidates, and Kerber says he is excited to start doing more work to further his party. Kerber has had plenty of experience, especially this past summer where he worked on a multiple campaigns and with multiple organizations 

“Over the summer, I managed a campaign for county prosecutor in Van Buren,” Kerber. “I also have been working hard with the other executive board members of the MFCR and the Michigan GOP to prepare strategy to target students in addition to how we can get them more involved in the party. This strategy will prove to be vital as we move towards election day.” 

Kerber gained both respect and admiration from his fellow club members in College Republicans, advocating for both parties to work together in order to achieve the best possible for the country. 

“As the Co-Chairman of the MFCR, my goal is to make sure all conservative students have a voice on campus. I am working with presidents of College Republican chapters from colleges and universities across the state to prepare them for the election in a time when many students don’t even reside on campus,” said Kerber. “If I could sum up the United States in one word, it would be divided. Even here at Albion College this can be seen. We all need to work together, to cross party lines and work together, to find solutions to problems that benefit all of us.”

Kerber promotes the idea that we, especially as Albion College Students must work together, despite political affiliation to achieve the best for our country. 

“All of us come from different socioeconomic backgrounds, races, religions, and geographic locations, but we are all much more similar than many might think,” said Kerber. “Here at Albion, we are all Britons, that’s what brings us together, across our country, one of the most diverse in the world, we are all Americans.” 

Based on recent activity on his Twitter page, President Trump is excited to promote the idea of a promising and prosperous next four years for the United States. Kerber emphasized this point.

 “We are all excited to see what influence the virus will have on the election, especially since the majority of ballots will be cast by mail,” said Kerber. 

Digital organizing has quickly become incredibly popular with young voters like Kerber. He sees the internet as an amazing platform where people can connect and support President Trump and other conservative policies with ease. Kerber said that this is a key part of building any political campaign and is excited to promote republicans and students all over the country alike.

“It is a time to celebrate democracy that allows us to have our voices heard,” said Kerber.

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