A Guide to Navigating Campus Safely and Effectively

This sign leads to the entrance of the library. The building hours of operation are posted for students to see when they can enter. Hours and protocols of certain campus buildings have changed to to COVID-19 regulations on campus (Photo by Patrick Smoker).

Following the decision to allow in-person learning, Albion College has made many adjustments to the semester in order to ensure that students, faculty and staff remain safe while on campus. One of these adjustments includes modifying building entrances so members of the college community can navigate through campus safely.

A cartoon squirrel featured on signs posted around campus reminds Albion students to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. The black squirrel is the unofficial mascot of campus (Photo by Patrick Smoker).

Indoors, the college advises students, faculty and staff to stand on small circles stuck to the floors of each building. These circles mark off a distance of six feet, encouraging social distancing. All buildings on campus now require key cards for entry as well. This ensures that only members of the Albion College community are using campus resources. 

In addition to these sweeping changes made to buildings across campus, more unique modifications have been made to specific buildings.


Unlike most years, both of Baldwin’s entrances, leading to both Upper Baldwin and Lower Baldwin, are open for regular use.

To get into Upper Baldwin, students enter through the Hannah Street entrance and follow the markers up the stairs. For Lower Baldwin, the entrance is now located parallel to the doors that lead to Seaton Hall. Following the markers down the stairs will lead students into the dining area. 

Both areas in Baldwin are serving the same meals, but those who have food allergies should choose to dine from Upper Baldwin to prevent cross-contamination and allergic reactions.

The KC

To get into the KC, the new requirement is to enter from the Hannah Street entrance. Six-foot markers lead up the stairs into the Eat Shop and continue up the stairs to the next floors of the building. These markers on the first floor also lead straight past the post office to the exit door onto the quad. A roped-off space regulates the line to the post office window, and markers on the floor indicate where students should stand in line to remain six feet apart. 

Students are still allowed to eat and spend time in the KC as long as they honor the rules of social distancing and wearing a mask. 

Chairs are blocking the doors to the Observatory which houses the Honors Program. The Observatory is one of the class buildings that is currently closed to students (Photo by Patrick Smoker).

Academic Buildings

Robinson Hall, Vulgamore Hall and Olin Hall are some of the buildings on campus that typically hold classes. Even though many courses are being taught outside under tents in the quad, there is still opportunity to go inside these buildings.

To enter, come in from the Hannah Street entrance and navigate through the building following the markers. There is no elevator access. To exit, follow the markers out the doors that lead onto the quad. 

Other academic buildings, like the Honors Observatory, however, are currently closed to students.

Stockwell/Mudd Library

The new entrance into the library is now through the Mudd Learning Center. There are signs posted that have instructions on how to enter. Markers lead the way through Mudd and to the exit that leads out of the Stockwell door. 

Students can still use the computer lab and printers, as well as enjoy the Briton Break and Read Between the Grinds cafe.

Ferguson Hall

For Ferguson, there is one entrance and one exit, which is the front door and requires key card entry. The computer lab is being used as a classroom site, but the printer is not available for individual use.

In addition, only one student is allowed in the IT office to request help at a given time.

Dow Center

The new entrance to the Dow Center can be seen from Hannah Street. Student Athletes are allowed to use this entrance (Photo by Patrick Smoker).

Currently, inside the new Serra Dow Center is only open for student-athletes for studying. However, other students, faculty and staff can utilize the outdoor facilities, which include a tented workout facility, the beach volleyball area, the track and the new basketball rims outside by the boathouse. 

To enter, students must walk through the white tent that houses the outdoor workout area and swipe their student ID with the desk attendant. From there, students can navigate their way through the other outdoor facilities. 

Student-athletes entering the building should follow the sidewalk to the front door, insert their key card and go and check-in with the front desk attendant. To exit, leave out through the door closer to Herrick Theater. 

The takeaway

Although following these rules might seem unconventional, it is imperative to remember that these new protocols are to keep everyone on campus safe and healthy. Please make sure to follow them, and remember to mask up, wash your hands and maintain social distancing. 

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