Trolls 2: The Impact of a Home Theater

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, movie theaters have been forced to close their doors, so in an effort to sill have the “Trolls World Tour” premiere they brought the movie into homes during the stay-home order (Photo by Erin Lathrop).

Three and a half years after the movie “Trolls” was released, the sequel, “Trolls 2: World Tour,” premiered on Friday. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, however, movie theaters are closed. In order to still have the premiere, which typically requires people to go to the movie, at-home entertainment platforms brought the movie into people’s homes.

“Trolls World Tour” was originally scheduled to be released on April 17, but when Universal postponed the release of “No Time To Die” from April 10 until Nov. 25, they decided to shift the premiere of “Trolls World Tour” up a week. Universal dropped the news of the new release date with a new movie trailer on March 4. 

Video On Demand Impact

When “Trolls World Tour” hit home theaters on Friday, it made history as the first movie to skip the theaters and head straight to at-home entertainment platforms.

Many studios postponed the premieres of their upcoming movies, but due to Universal having already put so much into their marketing campaign for “Trolls World Tour,” they didn’t want to delay the movie’s release any longer. 

Streaming sites Vudu and Amazon Prime are offering a 48 hour rental of the movie for $19.99. Due to the fact that people can watch the movie as many times as they want in those 48 hours and with as many people as they would like, the purchase is more cost-effective than typical movie theater tickets. 

Normally, there is a 90-day window between the release date of a movie in theaters and its subsequent release on streaming platforms. For years, studios have been trying to close this window, but theater owners have strongly opposed the idea from the beginning. 

This has led many to wonder how this will affect the continuation of the theatrical process after the video-on-demand release of “Trolls World Tour.”

Plot Summary

In the movie, the pop trolls learn that they aren’t the only type of trolls. There are six tribes overall: funk, country, rock, classical, techno and pop. 

When Queen Poppy discovers that Queen Barb is trying to unite all the trolls under one category of music, rock, Queen Poppy and Branch set out to save all music genres.


Normally, sequels don’t uphold the hype of the first movie, but “Trolls World Tour” was just as good as the original, “Trolls.”

The movie had many parallels with the first movie, which is something that ties the two films together. The adventure of Branch and Poppy starts the whole timeline of the movie, just as it did in the first. Other parallels are seen through the ending, the character that betrays Poppy and the overall message.

Moreover, the musical diversity rounds out the audience for the film. With several rock and country pieces, elements of smooth jazz, hip-hop, funk and techno, the movie was filled with songs of many genres, making it appeal to a wider audience. 

Overall, the movie featured many great messages for young audiences, letting kids know that music comes from within people. Music comes from their experiences, feelings and culture, thus connecting the sequel’s message to that of the original, that happiness comes from inside of us. 

“Trolls World Tour” also emphasizes that differences are needed for harmony in society. Multiple voices are needed for a sense of togetherness because if we are all the same, there is no diversity.

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