Top Quarantine Friendly YouTube Channels

Outside of Netflix, Hulu, and other television show and movie streaming sites, Youtube is a popular site people go to when boredom strikes during this quarantine. Below is a short list of Youtube channels that people can go to when in need of entertainment 


Arkala is a popular Do it Yourself (DIY) channel that teaches  viewers life hacks. These kinds of YouTube channels are especially beneficial in states where nonessential stores are closed and essential stores are looking empty due to panic buying.

This channel shows  audiences how to take seemingly useless household items and put them to use. Moreover, videos on the channel teach viewers how to give new meaning to items that were once viewed as old only used for one thing, such as turning an old newspaper into jewelry and turning popsicle sticks into a jewelry box.

NPR Music

NPR Music is a channel that showcases a plethora of artists that has participated in its “Tiny Desk Concerts.” These are live performances by many audience members’ favorite artists behind the desk at All Songs Considered in Washington D.C.

Watching these concerts is exciting, entertaining and gives viewers a concert experience  from the comfort of their homes.

FilmRise Movies 

FilmRise Movies uploads full movies that may not be shown on other streaming sites. Movies uploaded to the channel have been done so legally and won’t give computers  viruses.. It showcases movies like “Jack Frost” and “Seventeen Again,” both of which are childhood treasures that are worth another watch.

The Skin Deep

The Skin Deep gives its audience insight on real life stories about relationships, life changing experiences and over all human interaction.

Some of the stories include coming out stories, love stories, stories about challenges people have gone through together, first time interactions between strangers and/or estranged family members and more.

Lyn Allure 

Lyn Allure is an entrepreneur and  accountant. Her YouTube channel is filled with advice on ways for viewers to make money and live lavish lives.

Considering that COVID-19 has seized many money making opportunities around the world by causing government officials to close non essential businesses, this is the perfect time for YouTubers like Allure to share their expertise.


Mr.Beast has a page that is known for his extreme challenges, charity work and vlogs. These challenges include large monetary prizes, charity work and marathons, and the vlogs are mainly about trips taken with Friends.

His channel creates an escape from the stresses of the pandemic and is perfect for some serious laughs and entertainment.

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