Plebian: CourseWebs Extends to Include BritsOnly Dating Site

Due to the popular demand of 11-plus students, Albion administration has decided to create an extension of CourseWebs known as BritsOnly, a dating website students can access from their CourseWebs home page (Illustration by Jordan Revenaugh).

(Part of The Plebian: April Fool’s Edition)

In a recent effort to further connect the Albion student community, administration has created an extension of CourseWebs: A dating website known as BritsOnly. Students can now direct message one another on CourseWebs, an action they refer to as “sliding into” each other’s “CourseWebs DMs.”

“I think it’s really cool,” said Britony Britton, a first-year from Romeoville, Ill. “I think a lot of students have been wanting this for a while. It’s just such a big campus that I feel like I don’t really interact with many other students.”

The system was implemented after a group of students created a petition for the college to get its own dating website. Created on the basis that there are not enough couples on campus, especially among the swim and dive and track and field teams, the petition gained over 11 signatures from students who believe that there needs to be more romance on campus.

“We’re a liberal arts college in Albion. If that doesn’t scream romance, I don’t know what does,” said Britton. “There are just so many places to go on dates, like the Malleable. Maybe even the Foundry, Tuesday through Saturday, any time between 6 a.m. and 4 p.m.”

The buzz about the need for the website was not just among these 11-plus students. Faculty and staff heard the cries for the dating site as well.

“This is something so many students have been asking for,” said chemistry professor Dr. Joe King. “My entire three-student lab was ecstatic to find out the news about BritsOnly the other day.”

One aspect of BritsOnly that students really appreciate is the increased confidence it gives them when reaching out to other students.

“I have trouble making a move in person,” said Jay Walker, a senior from Valentines, Va. “Like, I don’t really know how to talk to girls. So, I like that Albion is helping me in that way and encouraging me to use other ways to find a girlfriend that don’t include talking face-to-face.”

Students have also expressed appreciation for the fact that BritsOnly is allowing them to find like-minded individuals to strike up a relationship with.

“Now that I know BritsOnly exists, I won’t slide into DMs if they’re not on CourseWebs. Absolutely not,” said Walker. “No one else understands the Albion experience. Through BritsOnly, Albion is giving me the chance to find someone who understands me.”

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