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Barstool Brits is a Twitter account not affiliated with Albion College or Barstool Sports run by anonymous user. Facility employee at Hillsdale College Jacob Hart from North Adams, Mich. revealed himself as the account user (Photo courtesy of Jacob Hart).

Barstool Brits is a Twitter account not affiliated with Barstool Sports or Albion College and is run by an anonymous user. The user, however, who frequently posts updates and accomplishments in Albion Athletics, is no stranger to Albion athletics 

In a recent desire to reveal himself as the account user, Jacob Hart, a facility employee at Hillsdale College from North Adams, Mich., speaks about his position running Barstool Brits. 

Irene Corona-Avila: Why did you start Barstool Brits?

Jacob Hart: My best friend from high school, Lige McKinney, goes to Albion College. Over the course of his junior year, I got to be good friends with all the football guys because I went to a lot of games to support Lige. I ended up going to ATO’s formal with him and on the way back they were like, ‘Juice (people call me Juice), you should create a Barstool account for Albion, you’re so good at Twitter. You’d do a great job at running it.’ I was hardly at Albion. They said ‘we’ll send you content, we’ll try to keep you updated.’ So I made it happen.”

At the beginning, I really think it would get as big, just because not a lot of people from Albion are on Twitter. It’s more of an Instagram college. I never thought it would get this strong of a following. I figured it would just be a couple of the football players and the brothers.

ICA: Why did you decide to keep your identity an enigma?

It would be fun for me. Whenever I show up to the Tau, everyone knows who I am, and a lot of people who are not in ATO [don’t know who I am]. After football games, I would talk to everybody on the team and the coaches and everybody would be like ‘Who is this guy?’ I liked to just keep it a secret, because it was fun for me.

ICA: Why did you decide to reveal yourself?

JH: I had a better plan, because Lige is graduating and I’m not going to be as heavily involved in Albion. I’ll probably come back to a couple of football games because there are still ATO guys and friends that are playing and I developed a good relationship with some of the coaches, but I’m just not going to be at every single game like I had been. 

I wanted to give it off to an actual Albion student. I had this elaborate plan to secretly send in resumes, narrow it down to the top five or top three, [conduct] secret interviews and hand it off and then reveal myself. Obviously with school getting cancelled, it put a damper on things.

I know who I’m going to hand it off to, and I can’t say it in this interview, but I think he’s going to be lowkey too as well, so I guess it was time to show who I am. 

ICA: What is your favorite memory as Barstool Brits?

JH: The MIAA Championship the [men’s basketball team] won last year at Trine basketball was pretty awesome just because I was ahead of everybody in giving live updates. It was really cool just because it was awesome for the basketball team. They had a mid-level season, it was a very good season and they found their way. 

This year in football was very fun just because throughout the whole season they were dominating in getting all of their wins. And the volley brits didn’t have a very good season, but they were still fun to interact with. 

I would say either the MIAA tournament championship last year at Trine or this year’s football season or the Barstool dog tournament. [The dog tournament] was fun because I didn’t think I would get that many votes and interaction.

The end is not the end

Hart will no longer have full responsibility for the account, but he will continue to keep his toes in the water to help out the new mysterious account user run the page. He also plans to collaborate with local Albion businesses to create competitions for his followers.

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