Student Survival Guide: Top 10 Shows to Watch While in Quarantine

When stuck in the house all day, people normally remember all the shows they never had the time to watch. Netflix is one of the top streaming companies used to catch up on these shows (Photo illustration by Aura Ware).

People are always wondering what entertaining, binge-worthy shows they are missing out on. Below is a 10-item list of shows that should be worth watching while staying inside during this time of quarantine. 

All American (Netflix)

“All American” takes place in Los Angeles, California.A show that shines light on differences in neighborhoods, football, and life challenges “All American” keeps a person’s attention by incorporating real world events that have happened to many people, such as police brutality and the loss of community leaders like Nipsey Hussle. 

This is a show people can watch if they are looking for some awakening in the way that people in this country are forced to live when they are in one area code versus the other.

You (Netflix)

“You” is a great show if people are interested in the complex relationship between falling in love with someone and having psychological complexities clash with that feeling of true love. It’s quite suspenseful and it could also fit into the thriller genre. 

The main character, Joe, continuously tries to find true love with the women he runs into in New York and California. The way that Joe sees love is very complicated due to his childhood trauma, which leads to trust issues and difficulty letting go of the people he proclaims to love.

Next in Fashion (Netflix)

“Next in Fashion” brings several skilled fashion designers together in one competitive setting, some of whom have dressed A-List celebrities like Beyonce, and some of whom are simply loved and supported by their city. These designers have the opportunity to compete against each other for $250,000 that can be used to launch or support their fashion business. 

Black Lightning (Netflix)

“Black Lightning” is the show to watch for those interested in Black superheroes fighting for the streets of an oppressed neighborhood while also fighting evil metas. 

The main superhero, Black Lightning, is married to a woman named Lynn and has two daughters named Jennifer and Anissa. Anissa, part of the LGBTQ+, community is an activist for the community in terms of civil rights and oppression from powers like the government. Jennnifer is a high school student who enjoys speaking up against school policies that choke the freedoms of the students. Lynn is a legendary neuroscientist who holds very valuable information about the brains of metas and how to possibly control them and their powers.

9-1-1 (Hulu)

“9-1-1” starts off every show with some kind of scene that has a scenario where someone has to call 9-1-1. Some of the scenarios are funny, but others are more serious and will keep audiences on their toes. 

One focus of the show is to make sure people stay safe. However, it also details the drama that tends to fill the lives of the first respondents to the scene, including issues outside of the drama they have to encounter with every 9-1-1 call. 

Nailed It (Netflix)

“Nailed it” is a fun cooking show that hosts inexperienced bakers. These bakers are given tasks that are not geared toward beginners. 

Rounds mostly consist of cakes adorned with advanced shapes and decorations. The person who does the best on each round receives some kind of incentive, such as a golden chef hat or a cooking set.The main objective of the competition is to win the last round and get the $10,000 prize that can be used to invest in their cooking experience. In addition to being funny to watch, the show will encourage the audience to try new things in the kitchen (another thing to do to stay occupied while in quarantine).

This is Us (Hulu)

“This is Us” is a show about a family in Pittsburgh. There are two parents and three children who seem to be a part of a perfect family, but life treats them just the same as anyone else: with curveballs. 

After finding out that the wife is pregnant with triplets and losing the third triplet in a miscarriage, the couple decides to adopt a child who was abandoned by his father. The children then lose their father at an early age. 

Throughout the show, the audience will travel back and forth from past to present in the show’s attempt to explain and connect the complexity of the family’s lives based on several events. 

Married at First Sight (Hulu)

“Married at First Sight” challenges six brave souls to get married at first sight after they have had countless failed attempts at love. The show is set up like a blind date for these couples, except instead of walking into a restaurant to meet their blind dates, they are walking into a church fully dressed to meet their soon to be husband or wife in their already planned wedding. In order to be paired, the individuals have to take a test that relationship experts and sociologists have complied. If the data between two people matches, they will be paired together. 

Throughout the show the audience watches how their relationships play out over a course of several weeks.

The Fosters (Netflix)

“The Fosters” is a show about two moms who want to become foster parents for the first time while also taking care of both the children they already have together as well as a child who one mother brought from a previous relationship. 

In the show, the audience follows the family through the difficulties they face when inviting a troubled teenager and her brother into their home. 

Rhythm & Flow (Netflix)

Those who have seen the movie “Hustle and Flow” will recognize that “Rhythm and Flow” is a show about rap. For those who have not seen that movie, no worries; it’s not a prerequisite for this show. 

“Rhythm and Flow” showcases many talented rappers who have to appear in front of a well-known rapper in their hometowns. After performing for that rapper, they are hand-picked to come on the show and compete on teams against other hand-picked rappers. The show is filled with an abundance of talent and mind-blowing lyricism.

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