Opinion: How to Stay Healthy and Happy While in Quarantine

Something as simple as opening the curtains can remind people the world is not falling apart even when it seems to be that way. Staying healthy and happy is a conscious choice that we all have control over in the case that the world seems to be spinning a little bit out of our control (Photo illustration by Aura Ware).

While in quarantine, things can start to feel a little unhealthy. The rooms of the house can make people feel like they’re trapped in a box. Listed below are six ways to break out of that box in order to stay happy and healthy while in quarantine.


When asking people why they don’t work out, the most popular answer is that they don’t have  time. The time starts now. 

Exercising does not always have to happen in a gym setting. Simple workout routines can consist of jumping jacks, running in place and other cardiovascularly driven movements. Ensuring that blood is pumping and heart rate is increasing is essential for ensuring that the body is being taken care of. 

In addition to taking care of oneself physically, exercise helps people take care of themselves mentally. Exercise is a way to release stress and dopamine, which is a chemical in that brain that is responsible for regulating mood.


Art can be therapeutic, challenging and just plain fun. People don’t have to have fancy sketchbooks or expensive tools to make art. They can simply pick up a piece of paper and a pencil and see what comes to mind or gather different items in the house and see what kind of art can be made with those items. Art can be used to show what’s going on at home, in the mind or in the world.

Pick up an old hobby

Just like exercise, sometimes there is too much going on to try to perfect hobbies and talents that have been hidden under the workload. Right now is the perfect time to pick up the guitar you left in the closet, pick up the pen and paper and start writing again, or dust off old dance moves that were put up on a shelf. 


Meditating does not have to be as difficult or as sophisticated as it seems, nor does it have to be tethered to a specific religion. Meditating can simply be relaxing and breathing to clear the mind. 

Use any music-playing device and listen to a soothing sound while practicing slow, deep breathing. There are also several apps that have instructors to help guide the person on the other end.

Learn a new skill

There are so many websites and apps at our disposal that can teach people  new things. 

Instead of scrolling through TikTok, Instagram or Twitter for the hundredth time, try moving over to YouTube or the app store to download Duolingo. This tool can help people learn to speak a new language. Other apps, like Tasty, can teach people to try new recipes, maybe even immunity boosting recipes that are especially essential during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Get some fresh air

Although the media makes it seem like a scary place outdoors, there is no reason people shouldn’t make contact with the outside world, even just a little.

In the event that people cannot leave their homes, they should try opening a window or at least opening the curtains and blinds. But if people can go outside, they should take the opportunity (while simultaneously practicing social distancing).

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