Brit Kit: A Comprehensive Guide for Albion College Resources

The sun rises over the quad right before the start of classes on Albion's campus (Photo by Ryan Lemanski).

Albion College may not have the resources of a large university, but what it lacks in size is made up with accessibility and proximity. Most resources students need throughout their time at Albion are only a short walk away or a phone call/email away. 

Almost all of the resources listed in this article are available on the Albion College website with their locations, contact information, and purposes. 

For Everyday needs

A helpful list of resources and contact information on a bulletin board, located on the second floor of Ferguson Hall. Help can be found in many places around campus for a variety of needs (Photo by Ryan Lemanski).
  • For students who may be experiencing trouble with a housing situation, resident assistants are located on every floor of Wesley, Seaton and Twin. One is located in Munger apartments as well. 
  • Students in housing without resident assistants can contact facilities, available at 517-629-0230.Work orders can also be put in with a QR code.
  • With offices located on the first floor of Ferguson, residential life is a great resource for anything to do with a housing concern.
  • Albion College has multiple resources for students who are seeking help with schoolwork. The writing skills center is located on the second floor of Mudd in the library. There are tutors who can be accessed as well for most classes. 
  • Located on the first floor of Ferguson, there is a Learning Support Center available for students to help them achieve their goals in all academic aspects.  Disabilities services is an extension of the support center and is in the same office as well. 
  • Counseling Services is available for all students. They are here to help the psychological well-being of students and can be reached through a contact form on the Albion website or in person at their offices at 616 Michigan Ave. Confidentiality information is listed on the website as well. 
  • The Anna Howard Shaw Women’s center is always working to improve the campus climate according to women’s and gender issues to promote empowerment and equity. They are available at the Kellogg Center and the number is 517-629-0226. 
  • For any problems with technology, Information Technology is located in the basement of Ferguson and has helpful quick links to resources on the Albion website. 
  • The Office of the Chaplain is available for any student looking to develop as a spiritual person. They are located at 1000 E. Porter St, adjacent to the fraternities. 
  • For any first year students who need any sort of help and these resources don’t seem to be the right fit, can go to their FYE mentors. 
  • Intercultural affairs advocates for underrepresented students at Albion and strives to engage all students in the work of diversity. Their office is in the Journey House, 1000 E. Porter St. (adjacent to the fraternities). 
  • For students looking for more ways to be involved on campus, Campus Programs and Organizations has resources on all activities on campus like Greek life, Student organizations, community service, and Dow Recreation and Wellness Center. 
  • If you need assistance with any class rescheduling, the Registrar is located on the first floor of Ferguson. 
  • There is a 24 hour computer lab in the basement of Ferguson, which can be opened with a student ID card. 
  • The Career and Internship Center is located at the ludington center and is there to assist students and alumni plan into their future. 
  • For any help with financial issues, the office of Student Financial Services is on the first floor of Ferguson.
  • Looking to print in a hurry on the way to class? Log into web print from your laptop or nearest computer and print anywhere on campus. 

Health and Safety 

  • Campus safety is located on E. Cass St, across from Seaton hall and next to the admissions building. They are available anytime in case of emergency. It is recommended to dial 0911 first in any emergency. However, campus safety’s emergency phone number is 517-629-1234.  
  • Albion college has partnered with Oak lawn express care clinic and there is a walk in clinic available 11 am to 8 pm 7 days a week. 
  • There is a Self Care Guide available on the website for students. It has a vast array of resources to help with anything related to mental and physical health and wellness. 
  • For any questions relating to COVID-19, Albion has a designated page on the Albion College website.
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