Alumni Reminiscence About The Rock

Albion students came together in a unity demonstration around the campus rock on April 11, 2019. Members of Umbrella, Black Student Alliance and Asian Awareness Group, which organized the event, painted the rock and its base. The hashtag at the base is meant to reflect the campus community online. This is one of many instances where The Rock has been painted by students to reflect something meaningful over the years (Photo by Patrick Smoker).

The Rock, located on Albion’s quad, was donated as the senior class gift in 1899. Since then, it has served as a meeting place and message board for hundreds of students. Many milestones have been celebrated on the rock, like LGBQT+ “Coming Out” Week or even the change of email systems. The Rock is updated with messages created with paint almost daily.

No one truly knows how big The Rock is under its many layers of paint, but, despite that, its meaning to the students of Albion has never been called into question.

(Photos courtesy of Albion College Archives and Special Collections).

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