A Note from the Editor: Proceeding with the Pleiad

When I took over as Editor-in-Chief of The Pleiad last May, I made a promise to myself and to the student body that I would run a newspaper that was representative of all student voices, that was diverse in its staff and that spoke to the issues that students care about.

In this ongoing crisis, there are many different perspectives, many different student voices and many different opinions, all of which deserve to be heard. There are the facts. There are opinions. There are feelings. And all of those deserve a place in our paper.

During this time, The Pleiad will continue to publish, and it will continue to be both a source of information and hopefully entertainment. In a world where everything is constantly changing around us, sometimes too rapidly to keep up with, The Pleiad will continue to be what it has always been. My goal for The Pleiad at this time is for it to remain a source of stability in a time where everything around us seems unstable.

We might not be able to control what’s going on. We might not be able to fix the world single handedly, but what we can do is simply control what we can control. And one thing I can control is having The Pleiad continue to be a presence in students’ everyday lives, and having that presence be something that is consistent among so many inconsistencies in the world.

I hope that during this time, The Pleiad is able to offer a wide range of perspectives unique to students as we always have. And I hope our staff is able to effectively represent what the students of Albion are feeling and what we are all going through. I hope we can be a source of comfort when students read our articles, seeing that they are not alone in the way they feel. They are not alone in the way they think. And they are not alone in the way they act.

We’re all reacting to this situation differently, but it’s not easy on any of us. I hope that by consistently putting out articles as we always have, students can see that they’re not alone in this. I hope the same goes for faculty and staff.

I encourage anyone who has an opinion and wants to share a voice to reach out during this time. There’s no shortage of feelings, and all feelings are valid. There’s no shortage of opinions, and all of those are valid, too. None are right, and none are wrong; they just are.

The school year might seem like it has been cut short, but it’s still not over. I hope by continuing as normal, The Pleiad can showcase that. I hope that we can show students that although they might not be living on campus, although we might all reside in our individual homes, although we might all seem separate, we are still together. We are still one community. We are still one Albion.

Even from all across the nation, we can continue to work together to be that same Albion we’ve always been. We will work through this together. We will make it through this together by standing by each other from wherever we are. 

For all students on campus, I encourage you to take precautions. We all have different thoughts and opinions about what’s happening, but it remains vital that we take care of ourselves now and always. By taking care of ourselves, we can better take care of others. Know that just as you’re taking care of yourself, and as you’re taking care of those around you, we are here to take care of you as well. 

Times aren’t easy right now. They’re anything but. But I hope that by standing together, by remaining united, by staying by each other’s sides (even at a distance) as we always have in that unique Albion way, we can make things a little bit easier on each other. 

I hope that everyone stays safe, and I hope that everyone stays healthy. Just know that as long as we can, The Pleiad will try to be a source of consistency in this inconsistent world. 

About Jordan Revenaugh 80 Articles
Jordan Revenaugh is a senior from Rochester, Michigan. An aspiring journalist and author, she is a double major in psychology and English with a creative writing concentration. In addition to being Editor-in-Chief of the Pleiad, Jordan runs cross country and track, is a part of Delta Gamma and InterVarsity, and is a dedicated avocado enthusiast.


  1. I am thankful that the Pleiad will continue to publish. Is there an opportunity for local businesses in Albion to place a small display ad in the online or print version to help support your efforts? I would appreciate knowing about that. My dad, Bob Benjamin was one of the Pleiad contributors about 80 years ago.

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