Nature Center Hosts Tie-Dyeing Event for Earth Day

This is the image on all the shirts. It uses the peace sign, which is often associated with the environmental movement such as Earth Day. The symbol uses a wind turbine and air and water droplets moving around it to form the peace symbol shape. It relates the use of renewable energy to Earth Day and sustainability. The quote "Let All Life Flourish Forever" was inspired by John R. Ehrenfeld. The shirts were apart of the 50th Earth Day Anniversary line of events funded by Bruce and Jane Harper. The logo design was created by a CSE senior with the suggestions of Doug White (Illustration Courtesy of Jessica Behrman).

On Thursday, Albion College Whitehouse Nature Center workers hosted an event where students could tie-dye a white t-shirt with the Earth Day 50th anniversary logo from 2 to 5 p.m. The event was held again on Saturday from 1 to 3 p.m. for anyone who missed the Thursday opportunity. The event was created by the Center For Sustainability and the Environment as a part of the Harper Earth Day 50 anniversary gift. 300 shirts were ordered and almost all were tie-dyed in preparation for apparel on Earth Day.

A student soaks her white Earth Day shirt in the container of cold water and then squeezed the water off. This is one of the first steps before putting the dye on the shirt (Photo by Patrick Smoker).
A student squirts different color dyes over different sections of her shirt to get the pattern she wants on her shirt (Photo by Patrick Smoker).
After the students get the colors they want on their shirts, they have to mat it down on the paper to get rid of the excess color (Photo by Patrick Smoker).
When their shirts are tie dyed, they have to put rubber bands around the parts of the shirt where they want specific patterns (Photo by Patrick Smoker).
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