Alpha Kappa Alpha Returns to Albion for Formal Rush

Alpha Kappa Alpha (AKA) sorority will be returning to campus for formal recruitment in the KC on Sunday. Flyers for the event are displayed throughout Wesley and Seaton halls (Photo taken by Irene Corona-Avila).

Alpha Kappa Alpha will be returning to Albion College for formal rush on Sunday beginning at 10:08 a.m. Potential new members are asked to arrive at the Kellogg Center in business attire and will not be considered for membership without attending Sunday’s event. 

Albion’s Sigma Zeta chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority was the first Divine Nine sorority and was chartered at Albion College in 2001. Divine Nine is the National Pan-Hellenic Council made up of nine historically Black Greek Letter Organizations. 

For the Sigma Zeta chapter, any potential new member must have a cumulative and current C+ average and be a full time student during this semester and last semester to be considered for Sigma Zeta membership. Anyone interested does not need to be a member of the black community.

The intake process begins two weeks prior to formal rush. Flyers for Sigma Zeta’s recruitent state that the intake process consists of multiple required application submissions: a sealed academic transcript, a letter of interests, two letters of recommendation, a completed Undergraduate Membership Interest application and one or more completed Evidence of Community/Campus Involvement forms. Potential new members are asked not to submit any resumes or photographs. 

“The in-depth process helps them with their selection process of new members. It helps them to get to know them at a very deep level to make sure that they’re a good fit for the organization,” said Kristen Sarniak, Assistant Director for Greek Life and Student Organizations.

The 2020 intake season seeks to encourage students to rush Alpha Kappa Alpha. On March 30, the first day of Greek Week, the Alpha Kappa Alpha members will present themselves to the campus in a process called probate. 

After this process, Alpha Kappa Alpha will be an affiliate member of the panhellenic council and participate in campus Greek events such as Greek Week, anchorsplash and other philanthropy events. The Sigma Zeta chapter will reserve a spot on campus to host its chapter meetings.

For more information about the Sigma Zeta chapter and their recruitment process, interested students can contact Karen Newman, graduate chapter adviser, at (313) 575-3199 or email Kristen Sarniak at

The article, originally published 1/24/2020, has been corrected 1/25/2020 as follows

  • All original instances where the acronym “AKA” were used have been changed to “Alpha Kappa Alpha.”
  • A factual error about the chapter’s founding has been corrected.
  • Details about the formal intake process have been revised.
  • Requirements to join the chapter have been revised.
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