Composition for Heritage Speakers Class Presents ‘Ser Latinx en Albion’

On Thursday, the composition for heritage speakers class presented "Ser Latinx en Albion," a panel which allowed Latinx students at Albion to talk about their experiences on campus (Photo by Temi Fadayomi)

On Thursday, the composition for heritage speakers class, taught by Spanish professor Elizabeth Barrois, held a forum at Bobbit Auditorium to discuss the experiences of Latinx students on Albion’s campus.  

The forum had a panel of five students from the Albion College Latinx community. The panelists were first-years Carlos Paniagua Emiliano and Mauricio Perez Garcia, junior Jose Rodriguez and seniors Alondra Alcazar and Carla Aranda.

During the forum, these panelists were asked a variety of questions pertaining to their experiences at Albion as Latinx students. Between some of the questions, letters from Latinx students who wished to anonymously share their own experiences and concerns were read to the audience.

The panelists shared their perspectives and experiences on topics closely related to their time at Albion, such as culture shock on campus or being the only Latinx student in a classroom. Other topics included broader perspectives into the Latinx community.

The panelists also talked about some of the changes that they have seen at Albion since they arrived, including the continual increase of Latinx students on campus. They also mentioned changes they would like to see, like integrating the college and community together.

Through both the panel and the letters, the Thursday forum created a way for Latinx students on campus to share their experiences and give advice on how to address some of the challenges they face as members of the Latinx community.

Junior Christian Henerson shared this sentiment when giving his comments on the event.

“The event was very informative and very inclusive,” said Henerson. “It covered a diverse background of issues.”      

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