British Eighth Marching Band has Final Concert of the Year

Drum Major Malyn Berger, a senior from Arnada, Mich., and snare drum section leader Jontaj Wallace II, a senior from Albion, Mich., prepare to lead the band onto the stage at the beginning of the concert (Photo by Erin Lathrop).

Albion’s British Eighth Marching Band had its annual final indoor concert on Sunday at Goodrich Chapel. 

To kick off the concert, the band, along with the color guard, marched down the center aisle and onto the stage to perform their pre-game set, Percussion Cadences. The marching band played their senior show and “British Invasion” while the color guard performed on the stage. 

Halfway through the concert, Lewis Eastmead, a sophomore from Coldwater, MI, gained some audience interaction by leading the band cheers “Ooh sa sa sa” and “Calculus.” Family and friends in the audience also had the chance to win some merchandise in a British Eighth raffle. 

To close the evening off, seniors were recognized for their dedication to the marching band over their past four years at Albion.

Frank Hernandez, a sophomore from Houston, Texas, stands front and center to lead the color guard performance while the band plays “Valor of Albion” (Photo by Erin Lathrop).
The cymbals section of the band’s percussion group was lead by Toiale Johnson Jr., a senior from Detriot, Mich., and Willow Montague, a sophomore from Indianapolis, IN. On the tenor drums is a Lewis Eastmead, a sophomore from Coldwater, Mich. (Photo by Erin Lathrop).
Claire Monroe, a freshman from Saline, Mich., and Sydney Walker, a senior from Chesterfield, Mich., perform the tango portion of their routine for the “Cell Block Tango” piece (Photo by Erin Lathrop).
Claire Monroe, a freshman from Saline, Mich., strikes a superman pose after having “flown” around in the audience while the band played the “Superman” theme song (Photo by Erin Lathrop).
Sarah Stocken, a junior from Saline, Mich., strikes her superman pose while the band is performing the theme from “Superman”. During the performance, the color guard team put on their capes and “flew” around the audience (Photo by Erin Lathrop).
Lewis Eastmead, a sophomore from Coldwater, Mich., teaches the audience the words to the band cheers “Ooh sa sa sa” and “Calculus” that the band chants during football games to pump up the football team and the crowd (Photo by Erin Lathrop).
Alicia Prause, a junior from Lawton, Mich., finishes her color guard routine with the final pose of the piece “Cell Block Tango” (Photo by Erin Lathrop).
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