Albion Warriors Semi-Pro Football Team Looks to Help Community

This past summer, a semi-professional football team, the Albion Warriors, was founded in order to bring passion and support to the community. Home games will be played at the old Albion high school football stadium (Photo by Maclean Robertson).

For most high school and collegiate football players, once the last snap has been taken, the end of their playing career is over. After the final play, there are limited opportunities to continue playing the sport they care deeply about. 

Antonio Ward Jr. saw this void for players and decided to organize a new semi-professional football team, the Albion Warriors, this past August. Ward, the founder and owner, wanted to give players an opportunity to continue playing the game they love, as well as help out the local community.

The Warriors’ season is played over the course of the summer and consists of around eight to ten games. If the team should make the playoffs, additional games will be played. Home games will be played at the old Albion high school football field.

Competing, however, is not the team’s main focus. Ward is hoping that the team will work with the local community to help uplift and support Albion.

The team’s mission and goal is to help within the community, and the areas surrounding Albion,” said Ward. “The Warriors plan to bring great fun and support to the city of Albion, as well be positive role models to the youth in more ways than just football.

Ward and the team are hoping to continue to build this program with the help of the community.

“As a team, we just ask for love and support from the community, the community can support the team by attending home games, joining us at community events and liking and sharing our social media page,” said Ward.

The team has already played in a few exhibition games this fall, but the Warriors are set to compete in the Greater Midwest Football Conference starting June 6, 2020. 

If you’re interested in learning more about the Albion Warriors and their community efforts, follow their Facebook page @Albion Warriors Semi-Pro Football Team.

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