Albion Jazz Collective Performs at Blues at the Bohm

Tenor Saxophonist Allie Garland sings “Knock on Wood” at the Bohm theater for Novembers Blues at the Bohm event. (picture by Temi Fadayomi)

The Albion Jazz Collective performed as the main act for November’s Blues at the Bohm event on Monday.

Blues at the Bohm was founded by Clifford E. Harris in 2015 with the goal of utilizing the Bohm to bring live blues and jazz performances to the Albion community. The events take place the first Monday of each month and includes musical performances from local musicians and touring bands. The event on Monday featured the Albion Jazz Collective. 

153 people attended Monday’s event, many of them being Blues at the Bohm regulars. Among those regulars were self-described Jazz Collective fans Carol and Paul Hickey.

“We love [Blues at the Bohm],” said Carol Hickey. “We try to catch it at least 5 times a year.” said Carol. 

Paul Hickey added that the two always try to come when a Jazz band is set to perform. 

The Jazz Collective performed eight songs at the event: “Bunch of Blues,” by Less Hooper; “Freddie Freeloader,” by Miles Davis; “Mercy, Mercy, Mercy,” by Joe Zwingli; “Give Me One Reason,” by Tracy Chapman; “Blues After Dark,” by Dizzy Gillespie; “God Bless the Child,” by Billie Holiday; “Blue Monk,” by Thelonious Monk and “Knock on Wood,” by Eddie Floyd. Individual members of the Jazz Collective performed personalized solos of each song. 

Three of the songs also featured lead vocal performances. Alto saxophone player Alivia Benedict sang “Give Me One reason” and “God Bless the Child.” Tenor saxophone player Allie Garland sang “Knock on Wood.”

Once the Jazz Collective’s performance concluded, the stage was cleared and set up for the Blues at the Bohm jam session. The jam session is a segment of Blues at the Bohm where audience members put together and give impromptu performances. 

A combination of local musicians and some remaining members of the Jazz Collective closed the show with three different performances during the jam session.

The Jazz Collective will perform again on Nov. 15 before giving their final performance of the semester on Dec. 13. Blues at the Bohm will have its last event of the year on Dec. 2.

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