Albion Faces MSU in Basketball Season Opener

Members of the Albion men’s basketball team face off the MSU men’s basketball team. Jamzell Davis, a junior, has the ball as he searches for an opening (Photo by Patrick Smoker).

Albion vs. MSU

On Tuesday, Oct. 29, Breslin Student Event Center at Michigan State University (MSU) was packed with MSU fans. Albion basketball fans were sprinkled throughout the stadium as well as the Albion men’s basketball team faced the MSU men’s basketball team for the first game of the season. 

Tip-off signals the start of the game as well as the season (Photo by Patrick Smoker).

In the beginning of the first half, Albion  tied up the score and was close on MSU’s tail. Soon, though,  MSU found their groove, allowing them to make up for missed points early on. 

“We have to work on consistency and playing hard, playing defense, and rebounding. It showed some signs tonight against a really good team,” said Jody May, head coach of the Albion’s  team.

In the last quarter of the game, with a score of 81-40, Albion was down by 41 points, but they managed to score another 10 points before the end of the game. MSU, meanwhile, gained only four more points. Throughout the whole game, Albion held out strong against a tough competitor, continually  putting up a good fight. The final score was 85-50, with MSU taking the win. 

The final score of the game rounded out to 85-50, with MSU taking home the win (Photo by Patrick Smoker).

Despite stepping it up in the game’s final quarter the Britons are aware that they have some things to work on and prepared to work hard to have a great season. 

“We’ve got stuff to figure out from our team,” May said. “We’ve got some, for our level, some talented kids coming back, but we lost six seniors and we need to find a rotation.” 

 In a press conference after the game, Tom Izzo, head MSU men’s basketball coach, complimented his competitor for the night.

“I thought Jody’s team the first half really did a hell of a job,” Izzo said. “They’re going to win a lot of games in their league.”

Cassius Winston hugs his younger brother Zachary Winston after the Albion vs. MSU game (Photo by Patrick Smoker).

Brother vs. Brother

Albion’s own freshman Khy Winston and sophomore Zachary Winston had a family reunion in the court with their brother Cassius Winston, who plays for MSU. The brotherly battle gave Albion three points in the first half of the game.

“I hope [Cassius] knows that when he gave that three to his brother, he lost the battle,” Izzo said.  “He’ll have to live with that for the rest of his life.”

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