Guest Column: I Am a Voice, Not a Victim

On October 21st, I awoke to a disgusting message written across the bathroom mirror. This message read “KKK Don’t Be Stupid or Gay.” This message means more than a simple thought or joke. It holds some type of power since members of the KKK have shown they are capable of brutalizing, terrorizing, and murdering people of color.

I have dealt with being targeted for 18 years. I was born with crosshairs on my back. I came to Albion to escape the tragic deaths and murders of black teens in Chicago. I tried to escape the crosshairs, but apparently they are still on me. I am genuinely hurt as it seems that everything I was told about Albion was false. BUT I AM NOT A VICTIM!!

Back in Chicago, I had to be constantly aware of my surroundings, and for a while here in Albion, it felt like I didn’t need to do that.  But that’s changed, and I’m so tired of it.  The color of my skin shouldn’t determine my basic safety.

I have been told by so many people to just brush this incident off because it was an act of immaturity. But I say fuck those responses as I will not let anyone treat me like I am not a human being.  I honestly don’t know who to trust or who to open up to. I don’t know what to feel or what to say to others for advice. I don’t want I’m sorry emails or hugs and handshakes! I want change, but I fear nothing will happen.

I have dealt with things way worse.  But I don’t know how to go about this situation.  I could flash out and be just another angry black male, but I won’t. I have been a target for too long and won’t allow anything to alter my chance to better my life and remove my family from a bad environment.  

I am a student before anything, but I will take on any role possible to better the community I am in. I am not the voice for the entire black community! I am just a single soul with a lot of things on his mind. Throughout my time at Albion, I want to be more than a student. I want to be a voice!


  1. You are a voice, a voice of courage and commitment to a future that is everyone’s right. Stand tall and be proud. Speak loud and clear because your voice can and will be heard. Albion College has many faculty and students who will listen and join in making your voice heard and respected.

  2. We are always told to “ignore it” or “leave it alone” until we have to become the bad guys. Don’t fall into their traps. Stay strong and be safe.

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