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Students tie dying t-shirts on the Quad. From the Brit Traditions t-shirt tie dying event on the quad earlier this week. Photo courtesy of Amy Everhart.

This year at Briton Bash, Briton Traditions made its debut as one of the newest clubs on campus, but it’s actually a revival of an old club. The Student Alumni Association began back in the 1980s. Over 500 alumni were involved, but it began to fizzle out in the early 2010s. After the initial club dissolved, the need to create more student engagement became apparent on campus.

According to the club’s advisor, Amy Everhart, the Assistant Director Of Campaign And Leadership Engagement, the goal of Briton Traditions is to plug students into the Albion College community as well as connect them to Albion’s past.

Zainab Ahmed, the president of Briton Traditions, came up with the idea for reviving Briton Traditions over the summer while working with the student engagement office. From there, Ahmed worked closely with Everhart to get the club up and running before the beginning of the school year.

“With this year’s student group, we’re trying to see what the current student population needs and based on that, create a better sense of community on campus,” said Ahmed. “A lot of people will come and go, but once you graduate from Albion, you will always be an Albion alum.”

Briton Traditions hopes to carry on the old traditions of the Student Alumni Association, while also creating new ones on campus and beyond. Although the Student Alumni Association was mainly associated with preparations for Homecoming, Briton Traditions aims to be more involved with all students on campus to foster a sense of community among current students that will last long after they graduate.

In an effort to gain student attraction, Briton Traditions passed out t-shirts to students at Briton Bash, which students were then invited to tie dye on the quad.

On Sunday night of Spirit Week, Briton Traditions will be painting the Rock, and on Monday they will be passing out drinkware at the KC. Briton Traditions will continue to host events throughout the school year.

Some other examples of programs that the club would like to sponsor, include Homecoming, college trivia, ice cream socials and midnight breakfast.

Ahmed explained that the group’s goal is to figure out what students want on campus that can improve their experience here.

Briton Traditions meets on Mondays at 4:15 p.m. in Ferguson 230. Students from all years and majors are welcome to come to meetings and share what they would like to see from the club in the future, and what sorts of activities they would like to see in a more active campus.

“We want people to be able to make the most of their time here and stay connected, and to realize how much the college changes their lives,” said Ahmed. “We want you to have a good experience that will help you later on down the road.”

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