Michelle Zellner: Being a Better Being through Health and Happiness

Details for Michelle Zellner’s lecture on general wellness featured here. Photo courtesy of Michelle Zellner.

This Wednesday, Michelle Zellner, owner of the Better Beings wellness business and author of “The YOU Revolution: The Journey of a Better Being,” is hosting a talk on how to become a better version of yourself. 

The talk will touch on several different topics: the importance of checking up on your mental health, exercise and nutrition, taking control of your own thoughts, monitoring your sleep schedule, time management and goal setting. Zellner will also be visiting Introduction to Kinesiology classes to discuss the business side of kinesiology. Her lecture is sponsored by Albion’s Wilson Institute for Medicine. 

Zellner, sister of Dr. Nicolle Zellner in the physics department, received an undergraduate degree in psychology and nutrition. She then began attending graduate school at the University of Colorado for sports psychology and kinesiology. 

Working at the front desk of a gym while in graduate school, Zellner was given the opportunity to take on a personal training client when a personal trainer at the gym went on maternity leave and needed someone to take her clients. It was then when Zellner fell in love with personal training and decided to become a certified personal trainer. 

“I just loved it. It was everything I loved: nutrition, exercise, and lots of psychology and personal relationships combined,” said Zellner.

Now, Zellner does a wide variety of wellness work, including general wellness education, both for  individual clients and in corporate settings, meditations, nutrition education and much more. When she finds the time, she still does take on personal training clients as well. 

“I call myself a health and happiness strategist,” said Zellner. “When I tell people I’m a wellness coach, [they] think: personal trainer, nutritionist or meditation. Yes, I do all of the above. I do whatever you need me to do.”

Zellner is looking forward to visiting Albion’s campus and having an open discussion with the students, faculty, staff and community. She encourages  anyone of any age, gender, race, ethnicity or status come to her talk. 

“Hopefully at least one nugget of my message will resonate with everybody, and that’s what I’m hoping: to spread the message of being a better being, whatever that means for each person,” said Zellner.

Zellner would also like to give an enormous thanks to her sister, Nicolle, and all of the faculty and staff that helped put together this lecture on campus and give her this opportunity to connect with the people of Albion.

“The YOU Revolution: The Journey to Becoming a Better Being” will be for sale at the event, at the Albion College bookstore, and online on Amazon for anyone who is interested in furthering their wellness journey after attending Zellner’s lecture.

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