April Fool’s: Fraternity Book Club Nights in Full Swing

Fraternity Row can't stop pulling books off the rows of Stockwell-Mudd's bookshelves. Their Wednesday night book clubs have been a hit. (Photo by Pleiad staff.)

Spring fever hit Fraternity Row, but it hasn’t manifested itself into dartying and unbuttoned Hawaiian shirts this year. Instead, each Wednesday night, Albion’s brotherhoods are holding book clubs.

The idea came at a December Interfraternity Council meeting, when representatives from each fraternity discussed ways to recruit students who could bring up each house’s GPA. It became clear that book clubs were their best recruiting tool.

It’s been a hit with nerdy pledges and veteran frat bros alike.

“As soon as I saw that Sigma Chia Pet had ‘Becoming’ by Michelle Obama on its reading list, I knew I found my future brothers,” said pledge Dudley Dudesley of London, England.

While Sigma Chia has focused on political biographies, other houses have found their genre niches, too.

The brothers of Tau Koopa Troopa Epsilon devoted their reading list to 90s Star Wars novels. Altoid Tau Altoid reads the latest edition of Sports Illustrated. Roomba Tau Roomba is planning a discussion on T.S. Eliot’s “The Waste Land” for their contemporary poetry club.

The only house not participating in book club nights is Delta Cherry Pie, who had to move their meeting time to mid-afternoon. Living in a residence hall means 10 p.m. quiet hours, making discussions on John Green books difficult.

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