Play Review: ‘Ordinary Days’ Works in Extraordinary Ways

Left to right: Isabel Allaway as Deb and Governor Stovall as Jason. (Collage by Jessica Behrman. Photos courtesy of Morgan Pross.)

A struggling couple, two unlikely friends and 19 back-to-back songs had the audience glued to their seats in the opening performance of the musical “Ordinary Days.”

Written by Adam Gwon and directed by Albion College theater department chair Zach Fischer, “Ordinary Days” consists of a relatable everyday life story that sings out to the self-doubt, anxiety and frustration that lives inside everyone. Refreshingly honest, this musical plays a tune that fits the sarcastic humor many of us rely on to get through the day.

The setting of the stereotypically loud and busy New York City atmosphere was portrayed well with the live band that created a personal soundtrack for each of the four main cast characters. The band consisted of bassist James Ball, keyboardist by Nicholas Laban and drummer Ryan Soekarmon.

A rocky romance between characters Jason and Claire — cast by sophomore Governor Stovall of Albion and senior Eleanor Hill, of Cedar, Michigan  — is a relationship in search of happiness and love through rain and taxis. Instead of an extensive or dramatic list of solutions to solve the fractured relationship, the simple songs “Let Things Go” and “I’m Trying” speak of the everyday efforts that are needed to make relationships work.

While not all audience members are in a relationship, the quirky friendship formed between characters Warren and Deb — cast by first-year Noah Ascencio of Novi, Michigan, and junior Isabel Allaway of Des Moines — is an experience everyone can relate to.

Running the streets of New York and trying to find her way around Met are the least of Deb’s worries. She’s trying to find her lost thesis notes. That’s right, while many students are trying to survive the spring semester, what could be worse than losing your entire thesis project?

With a sassy attitude, Deb’s hopeless outlook triggers a chain of extraordinary events. But without worry, her newfound friend Warren shows her that like most of us, we are all wondering if the struggles of everyday life will add up to something meaningful.

Take a break from studying or writing that long thesis and head over to the Herrick Auditorium this week. Through a number of vibrant songs, “Ordinary Days” will voice that inner stress we all hold and leave one realizing that ordinary days don’t have to be just ordinary after all.

Left to right: Noah Ascencio as Warren, Eleanor Hill as Claire, Governor Stovall as Jason and Isabel Allaway as Deb. (Collage by Jessica Behrman. Photos courtesy of Morgan Pross.)


Wednesday, February 20th, at 8:00pm

Thursday, February 21st, at 8:00pm

Friday, February 22nd, at 8:00pm

Saturday, February 23rd, at 8:00pm

Free admission with a valid Albion College ID

$5 without a valid Albion College ID

Location: Herrick Theatre, Albion College Dow


The Cast:

Warren-          Noah Ascencio

Deb-               Isabel Allaway

Jason-            Governor Stovall

Claire-            Eleanor Hill

New Yorkers-

Rayna Archibald

Alivia Benedict

Terrell Johnson

Samantha Kelly

Ryan Klooster

Maci Moss

LaRhonda Richardson

Allissa Siders

Sam VanderVeen

The Band:

Bass-             James Ball                      Albion College music professor

Keyboard-    Nicholas Laban               Staff accompanist

Drums-        Ryan Soekarmon (‘18)     Albion alumnus


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