Students Gather to Mourn Death of Tamagotchi

Royal Oak, Michigan, senior Chris Breen hugs first-year Erik Halboth of Novi, Michigan at Breen's parody funeral for his dead digital Tamagotchi pet. Ryan Underwood, a senior from Hamilton, Michigan, stands behind them. (Photo by Peach Norman Owen.)

Chris Breen, a junior from Royal Oak, Michigan, bought a Tamagotchi, a popular 2000s-era electronic pet, on Jan. 20. Breen and his friend Ryan Underwood, a junior from Hamilton, Michigan, became the Tamagotchi’s adoptive fathers. When their digital son died two days later, Breen created a funeral service for him. Word of the funeral spread around campus.

A parody obituary was created for Mitch.


Mitch died with a beep on Jan. 22. He was two days old. He was a Tamagotchi, a 2000s-era handheld electronic toy that grows a virtual pet from egg to mature creature, but Mitch didn’t get that far.”

Despite being born just two days before his death, Mitch quickly fell in love with frisbee golf at Victory Park, getting pitchers of strawberry margaritas at La Casa and dancing the night away with his fellow brothers of Delta Tau Delta.

Mitch the Tamagotchi (Jan. 20-22, 2019). (Photo courtesy of Chris Breen.)

Mitch also worked hard in the classroom, passing Albion College’s Organic Chemistry class with a 2.0.

He is survived by his father, Chris Breen, a Royal Oak, Michigan, junior, and stepfather Ryan Underwood, a Hamilton, Michigan, senior. He is also survived by Delta Tau Delta’s Epsilon chapter, of whom Breen and Underwood are also brothers of.

Services were held in DTD’s front room. Attendees, 30 in number, were asked to wear eyeliner and sunglasses as an homage to Mitch’s emo lifestyle.

Senior Troy Trombley of Manistee, Michigan, delivered the eulogy. Breen, Underwood and several others who loved Mitch spoke afterward.

“Mitch had an amazing life and I’m just glad so many people came out to support Mitch, Mitch’s stepfather and I,” said Breen.

During the eulogy, Trombley delivered a poem to the audience.

Oh Mitch, Dear Mitch

Whether you were a blob or a fish

Your presence here is sorely missed

You lived your life with joy and grace

But never again will we see your face

We must carry on without you here

But in our hearts, you’re forever dear.

Mitch in his decorated treasure-chest casket. Breen said the Tamagotchi will not be buried. “I’m just gonna restart it,” he said. (Photo by Peach Norman Owen.)

Photos of Mitch were edited onto photos and online stock images. (Photo by Peach Norman Owen.)

Juniors Phoebe Varney and Katherine Hirzel pause to view Mitch and photographs of him. (Photo by Peach Norman Owen.)

Some of the 30 funeral attendants wait for Trombley to begin the eulogy. (Photo by Peach Norman Owen.)

“I know we all wish that we could sacrifice ourselves to bring Mitch back or perhaps offer up one of our enemies as tribute,” said Trombley. “Although it is true that the world would be better if one of us was gone instead, such thoughts will do nothing but put us in bondage to our past.” (Photo by Peach Norman Owen.)

Breen applies eye drops during his speech about Mitch for dramatic effect. (Photo by Peach Norman Owen.)


Underwood: “I loved him,” said Underwood. “Mitch was a great kid. I fed him a couple of times and the next thing I know my husband was telling me he’s dead. But he had a great life. It was wonderful.” (Photo by Peach Norman Owen.)

Nicholas Taylor, second from right, a senior from Middleton, Wisconsin: “It was just such a moving tribute to a phenomenal individual,” said Nicholas Taylor, second from right, a senior from Middleton, Wisconsin. “I didn’t know him as well as his parents did, but I felt like with each word that was said during each speech I felt like I met him a little bit more along the way, and unfortunately he only lives on in pictures.” (Photo by Peach Norman Owen.)

“I went to GameStop, and I saw him on the shelf and I said, ‘I need to have it. That baby boy needs to be brought into a loving home,’ said Breen. “And to think that after I brought him home, he died two days later.” (Photo by Peach Norman Owen.)

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