You Are Your Laptop Sticker

Laptop of Nicky McCann, a junior from Adrian, Michigan. (Photo by Irene Corona Avila.)

The Albion College student body is a diverse one and can be shown through laptop stickers. Some people can read a person by their body language and tone, but a laptop sticker can also show a lot about a person.

Three hot spots for laptops were chosen for article interviews: the library, the Kellogg Center’s fourth floor and the science complex.

Each unique sticker is accompanied by a direct quote from the student.

Stickers Describing Peyton Brooks

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Love — I love Michigan, and it’s a way to show my love for it.

Green Smoothie — I love green smoothies

Veggie Queen — I love veggies, and kids at my school would call me the veggie queen, among other queen names.

“H” pattern — It’s a brand that makes blender bombs made out of flax seed, dates and cacao powder that makes your smoothie better and filling.

Run Mich — I love running. I got it from an indoor track meet called the Gazelle Elite that someone asked me to run in.

Stickers Describing Camila Manrique

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Whale — I got this sticker from Vineyard Vines. I ordered something online and [the store] sent the tie-dye[-styled] sticker, and I liked it very much, [so] I transferred it from my old laptop to my new laptop.

Capitalism — I got it at Briton Bash from the Albion College Republicans, and I thought it was funny because it’s true.

Stickers Describing Katie Valdade

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San Diego — I shopped at the San Diego  Surf Company store and bought it. It reminds me about my cousins who flew me into San Diego to spend time with them after graduation.

“You Are My Sunshine” — My mom would always sing this song to me when I would have a bad day.

No bad days — Whenever I would have a bad day, I would remind myself that someone else is having a worse day than me.

“Cars” — It’s my favorite Disney movie. I like how it has a happy ending, and the cars are cute.

My favorite character is Lightning McQueen.

AXA — AXA stands for Anguilla. I got it because it’s my favorite vacation spot I went to, and it reminds me about my family.

Stickers Describing Rosemary Hernandez

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Piñata — I got it from Briton Bash at the [Organization for Latinx Awareness] table. I have memories about birthday parties and the piñata reminds me of them.

Mangonada and chicharones — I was really hungry, and I missed the food from Texas, and all the local restaurants would have them. They are my favorite Mexican snacks.

Stickers Describing Nicky McCann

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Shark — It’s a funny image, and doing homework is brutal, and when I look at the shark, it makes me laugh.

“Finding Nemo” quote — I’m a swimmer and a fan of fish. I watched [‘Finding Nemo’] growing up because it was my sister’s favorite movie. My boyfriend eats fish and I don’t so when he eats sushi, I remind him ‘fish are friends, not food.’

Bee — I hate the “Bee Movie” with a strong passion, but I bought it because I read it in a funny accent.

Erase the Stigma — I am a psych major, and I liked it. The semicolon is a symbol for the mental health movement. It symbolizes not to judge people based on their mental health. Be kind to people. Erase the stigma with depression and anxiety.

“Friends”  — I love the show “Friends,” and [the sticker] was free. Chandler and Joey’s bromance makes me happy.

Campfire — Every summer, we would go to a camping trip with my extended family, and I love the smell of the campfire smoke. The smell is a natural outdoorsy scent: strong and subtle.

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