Teragraphics, LLC Relocates Store to Downtown Albion

This last Saturday, a group of Albion and Parma locals and the Greater Albion Chamber of Commerce braved the chilly April morning outside Superior Street’s famous Coca-Cola building to support local business owner, Tera Dorr. Due to the termination of a lease for expansion of another business, Teragraphics, LLC left its Parma location and made the move to Albion with the cut of the red ribbon.

Teragraphics focuses primarily on embellishing apparel with ink, embroidery and “bling.” The new Teragraphics store proudly displays Albion-based apparel, with slogans like, “More than just a zip code,” colored in royal purple and gold. Teragraphics sells both pre-embroidered and inked apparel, but will also make customized apparel for any customer. Dorr takes pride in her company being locally based and therefore differentiates her business from other large, corporate embroidery and ink companies.

“We strive to be unique and not be like anybody else. Anyone can put a blob of white ink on a black T-shirt, but we try to get the next level up with great customer relations,” said Dorr.

Rather than focusing strictly on business and profit, Dorr hopes to gain more customer relations and small business rapport to help build a more inclusive and cohesive community in the city of Albion.

The few short days that Teragraphics has been in Albion, Dorr said she has had nothing but support and love from both the citizens and the government of Albion. She hopes to be a part of the community and to continue to see all the great things that are happening in and for the city.

Before cutting the ribbon on Saturday, Dorr told the story of when she and her husband used to drive down Superior Street and see the “Coca-Cola” sign on the building. She thought it was neat, considering she collected Coca-Cola items.

Every time she would pass the building, she would tell her husband, “When I win the lottery, I’m going to get that building.” Then, just this last weekend, Dorr’s longtime dream came true as she handed out Coca-Cola cans to every person who walked through the door of her Coca-Cola building, 112 North Superior Street, now housing Teragraphics, LLC.

“I’ve won the lotto, not the monetary one, but the lotto nonetheless,” said Dorr.

Teragraphics, LLC is currently in the works of setting up hours of operation that works best for the customers, but until then the tentative hours are Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 5:15 p.m. until 7 p.m. and Saturdays 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., and always by appointment.

Photo by Gabby Henriksen

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