Music Review: “Super Slimey”

After the unexpected release of “Super Slimey,” a collaboration between Future and Young Thug, fans were clamoring to find out what the two Atlanta-based trap superstars would bring to the table. With platinum hits like Young Thug’s “Bestfriend” and Future’s “Mask Off,” the mixtape seemed to be in good hands. Unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth.

“Super Slimey” is the epitome of mainstream’s understanding of trap. Instead of the artist’s providing listeners with something even remotely insightful, the rapping duo gave fans a completely incoherent mess. Much like stereotypical trap music, “Super Slimey” garners a crowd that loves mumble rap and all the drugs, sex and lean they can handle.

Despite the rappers having a long-standing history working together, the mixtape presents little to no chemistry. Throughout the 13-song tracklist, Future has an overbearing presence in each song while Young Thug, more or less, provides his signature vocals in the background. Regardless of the lackluster quality in music, there’s no doubt a few of songs like “Patek Water,” “No Cap” and “Cruise Ship” will hit the honorable platinum status.

As for the 10 other songs like “Feed Me Dope,” I’m certain they’ll disappear into the trap abyss. With that being said, the mixtape will surely do well in frat parties and with anyone else befuddled enough to waste 40 minutes of their time.

For those interested listening to the mixtape for themselves, the link is below:

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