April Fool’s: Wes Dick to be Buried in the Quad

Proposed site for Dick's memorial

More than 40 years after arriving in Albion, the smile behind Professor Wes Dick’s beard continues to brighten the day of those on campus. For those of you worried about missing his presence when his time comes, fret no longer.

As a part of the college’s plan to incentivise professors to stay at Albion, Dick will be the first of many to be buried in the Quad. Though a long tenured professor, Dick is excited to know that he will always have a place on campus.

“At first I was hesitant to commit to this, but if it means that I will be able to teach at Albion for another 20 years, I’m all in!”

Albion is proud to be the first institute of higher education to offer this option to its faculty members. It hopes that, in time, many other professors will elect to join Dick to form a unique campus tradition.

(Part of the Plebian — April Fools edition).

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