A New Website for a New Era

Since its founding in 1883, The Albion Pleiad has been through a lot of changes. Twelve Presidents (and one Interim President), two world wars, the closing of the Union Steel factory, the re-opening of the Historic Bohm Theater and more. In 2008 the Pleiad moved online, seemingly for good, and ceased their weekly print newspapers.

Last year, we brought back the print editions as special projects several times a semester. It had been years since the campus had seen the Pleiad in its original print form. Now, with the Pleiad continuing to grow on campus, the staff decided it was also long past due to spruce up our website.

These changes to our website would have been impossible without the help of both Sarah Noah in the IT department and Katherine Hibbs in the Marketing and Communications department. Without them our website would still be stuck in the 2000s.

Our new website reflects a more modern newspaper than the previous one. Our mobile webpage has also undergone a total overhaul to make it easier to navigate and view our different sections. We decided to incorporate our own version of the Albion purple into our website to pay homage to our roots at the College, and our social media pages are easily accessible on our homepage for readers who want to stay updated on our stories.

Easier navigation and clarity for our mobile readers were two of our main concerns. Now our tags on our stories are easily visible to those reading on our mobile site. Comments and feedback from the readers are also easier to access on the new webpage for those who like to interact with the content on the Pleiad.

The Pleiad staff is thrilled to finally update our webpage to reflect the ongoing changes at our paper. As we continue to branch out and build stronger ties with the community, and keep publishing special print editions for the campus, we want our website to be reflective of that journey. In a world where news and media seem to change so quickly, we wanted the Pleiad to be reflective of the times.
Look forward to continued updates and exciting new stories on the Pleiad and stay connected through our social media!

Photo by Beau Brockett

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Emily is a senior student from Lake Orion, Michigan, majoring in English and Spanish. She is also the current Editor-In-Chief of The Pleiad. She loves the smell of old books, practicing yoga, and feminism. If there was a universe where green beans didn't exist, she would want to live in that universe. She is also a member of the Kappa Alpha Theta sorority. Follow her on twitter @emilyelizamillz or on her personal blog.

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