What is Love? A Kid’s Perspective

Valentine’s Day –  the second best holiday in elementary school next to Halloween. While parents are buzzed off champagne and boxes of chocolate, kids are loaded with Fun Dip and Sweethearts.

The ways kids and adults celebrate the holiday aren’t the only differences kids and adults have on Valentine’s Day.

Fourth graders from Harrington Elementary School here in Albion and younglings from Premier Academy in Oakland Township, Michigan, gave insight as to what they thought love was.

Here are some of their responses:

“Love is when you care a lot about something or someone. Like family members or pets, it could be anything. We all love something I think. We even [love] on Valentine’s Day. This is what love is” Stephanie, 9.

“Love is when you like people as a friend or boyfriend, and it means if you have a friend and you give them something, that is nice to do” Julia, 9.

Dylan, 4, said that he knew what love was when he was given a tractor.

(I guess giving a new means of transportation to someone of age is the best way to show love.)

“Love [is] being excited, hugging each other and sharing popcorn” Sienna, 4.

Presley, 4, thinks that love is “living in the same neighborhood,” “happy feelings and laughter,” “when you share things like your bed” and that you “love them even when they snore.”

(If I share anything with you let alone my food and my bed, there has to be some love there.)

Gavin, 5, said “love is hearts” and Max, 5, said “love is hugging.”

These kids have love down.

Comment below on what you (or any kids you know) think love is!


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